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Archive | February, 2008

El Fin Del Viaje

El fin del viaje. After Copan, the end of the trip was inevitably drawing near. It sounds silly to say this, but we felt as though we had come full circle, in more ways than one. Not only were we exiting out of the same city we had arrived in nearly 8 weeks before, but this time our perspective of… Read more
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finca parais

The Gringo Tax

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling in Guatemala is never really knowing the true price of a service – a bus ride – or anything for that matter – a hotel room, a banana, or a shirt. It’s a little something we like to call a “gringo tax” since there is usually one low price for locals and… Read more
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jungle view

Welcome to the Jungle

After much deliberation, we decided our next stop after Tikal was Rio Dulce. We made our way in the morning to the place in Flores where the guidebook says is a bus stop, but in actuality it is just a travel agency that buys a ticket for you for the bus station in Santa Elena. The only reason we decided… Read more
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mexican candy

Money. Money for the school.

Normally, when in Guatemala, Brian and I would encounter countless kids on the streets that would break our hearts – begging for something, anything, just a measly 1Q for whatever worthless piece of junk they had in their hands. It is for these kids that we would really, truly want to help out. It’s amazing to see how a piece… Read more
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