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Archive | February, 2009

Fat, Unhealthy Americans

“Most Americans aren’t in good physical condition because they don’t exercise enough.” “No matter how unhealthy it maybe be, Americans love fast food.” “Who do you think is healthier: Americans or Ukrainians?” If you haven’t guessed it already, this is material I have to teach. At first I laughed a bit. Now, I find myself getting angry. The amount of… Read more
February 24, 2009 · Continue Reading · 21

Photos Updated: Pics from Odessa!

As much as I love using my big camera to take photos, I just don’t do it enough. There’s something about the hassle of taking it around with me, or the fact that people stare at me sometimes when I’m using it, that makes it not so popular. This is why the party cam (pocket point and shoot) became such… Read more
February 21, 2009 · Continue Reading · 0

I can't believe I did that!

Every year for the past few, I have taken part in scoring standardized tests for Illinois schools. This is a temporary (usually only a month long) job, but it helps me save a few extra bucks. I recently got another offer for this April, which I was ecstatic about… until I read the fine print. This year, the company wants… Read more
February 13, 2009 · Continue Reading · 13
happy odessa

Is Odessa in Ukraine?

Pinch me! Confusion was the overwhelming sensation of the past weekend when some other teachers and I made a quick girls-only trip to the southern seaside city of Odessa. We all basically endured a 9-hour sleepless train ride to get there, but that didn’t matter once we arrived because the brightness of the sunshine perked us all up like a… Read more
February 9, 2009 · Continue Reading · 6
no rotten eggs

I might be jinxing it, but…

Ever get so frustrated with something not going your way that you just kind of crack like an egg, spill all over the place, and then lack the substance to sweep yourself up? After a while, the mess starts to smell a bit like uhm… rotten eggs, and eventually it gets so bad that you just can’t even look at… Read more
February 3, 2009 · Continue Reading · 4
artsy mccrafterson

Setting Goals Part 2: Start something.

My nickname around this part of the world has become Artsy McCrafterson. I have a knack for making something from nothing, and I LOVE doing it. This is nothing new for me, but for Tanya… well, she seems amazed at all my little creations. She actually said I should start a crafting portfolio from just around our apartment. Interesting… Read more
February 1, 2009 · Continue Reading · 5

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