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Archive | May, 2009

Trivia Guy Must Have Read My Blog

Well, it was a funny trivia Wednesday. In my last post, I blogged both about how I never know the America questions and that my sister was now racing go-karts – destined to become the next Danica Patrick. Sooooo, the crazy thing that happened this week was that one of the America questions actually had the answer of “DANICA PATRICK”… Read more
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I Laughed Because That Is America

A recent addition to my life now that I have my evenings free is to partake in Wednesday night trivia with a bunch of friends. The funny part is that being the token American, everyone turns to me whenever there is a question talking about the States. I always wish I could answer these questions as I’m starting to feel… Read more
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Getting Caught Up: Part 3

Now for the final part in the series of “Getting Caught Up” by Brooke vs. the World. The Entrance: There’s a fishing town up north actually called The Entrance that a bunch of my friends here go to. Someone has a shack up there (basically a run-down tiny house) with loads of beds that everyone can sleep in, so it… Read more
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Getting Caught Up: Part 2

Now continues the second part of the series “Getting Caught Up” by Brooke vs. the World. Housewarming: In the meantime, the house that we shared a backyard with was broken into. The French and Italian housemates all decided that they didn’t feel so safe there anymore and went about renting a house of their own. They had a housewarming party… Read more
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Getting Caught Up: Part 1

I apologize for the delay in new posts. I’ve had every intention of posting updates, but whenever I thought about it, I was just too tired. Brooke has been super busy! I almost didn’t have time to remind myself to breathe, which is pretty scary, but let’s just say I’ve been busy for a reason. In the process, this is… Read more
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