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Archive | October, 2009


Didn't quite make it to Leichhardt.

I didn’t quite make it to Leichhardt this past weekend, but I’m OK with that. Sure, Leichhardt is known as the Little Italy of New South Wales. Sure, they might have heaps of restaurants with delicious Italian food for all the tourists and locals to delight in. Sure, I didn’t make it to Leichhardt to see what touristy treats were… Read more
October 26, 2009 · Continue Reading · 8

Traveling with Jewelry (and other things that make you look cute)

Being a girl and planning for extended travels can cause a lot of headaches when trying to decide what should go on your RTW packing list. There’s a fine line between choosing what’s practical and what looks cute, and trust me, even though I’m a low maintenance jeans-and-t-shirts type of gal, the decision was not easy. I chose to… Read more
October 4, 2009 · Continue Reading · 2

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