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Archive | November, 2011

working by candlelight

Russian by Candlelight: 1.5 Weeks In

I have studied many languages now in my time, but I have yet to master any of them. Latin in high school was not about speaking. Italian was learned in college, but I was never good at conversing. Spanish in Guatemala was a small triumph when I found myself booking tours and arguing with people without thinking too hard by the end of it. But Russian...
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Driving through Istanbul

Journey on the Bosphorus River

Oblivious to the cold that would most likely accompany my time in Turkey at the end of October, one of the few things I really wanted to do while there was ride along the Bosphorus River.
Driving through Istanbul
Istanbul is an very large city, one that spreads across the shores of the Borsphorus River — a river (well…… Read more
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turkish delights

I love hostels, but…

I typically enjoy a good hostel stay, especially as a solo traveler. However, after meeting up with Beth and Randy of, I was happy to get the chance to spend the night in a Roomorama apartment in Istanbul. Read on to find out why it was so special!
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through the bars

Cold Hearted and Into the Cold

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am very far from being openly affectionate — with friends and with family. I hate, with a passion, the Australian way of greeting with cheek-kissing, even people you barely know. I hate it. Even though I’ve come to accept it and therefore embrace hugging random friends on a regular basis… Read more
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dinner business class

Where’s the Chaos? My First Business Class Experience

I walked with a purpose towards the line that said “business class”. My peripheral vision had decided to stop working now that I had been in transit for at least 24 hours, and Frankfurt airport was the place where I had to pick up my last boarding pass before heading on to Istanbul. With my peripheral vision no longer working,… Read more
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