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Archive | March, 2012

thala beach lodge view

What do you think?

You might notice from my lack of updates lately that I’ve been busy putting the final touches on our big trip plans. With all of this on top of normal work and life duties, I guess I’ve been feeling a little disconnected with my blog, so I thought I’d do a quick little survey to get reader feedback on the status quo.
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penang lanterns

Things to Do in Penang, Malaysia

Forget crowded, backpacker overrun Thailand, Malaysia has the tropical climate, cheap prices, and food that scream "holiday getaway". Penang in particular is one of the more touristy parts of Malaysia. Here are some of the things you can do if you were to take a trip to Penang.
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sunrise over tikal

Sunday Snap: Sunrise Over Tikal

Tikal in Guatemala is a pretty special place on its own, but I will never forget the sunrise tour that allowed us to sit on Temple IV as the jungle woke up. The sounds of monkeys and birds slowly got louder and louder as we sat in silence. Share if you enjoy. Read more
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