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Archive | April, 2012

group tour

Thrifty Thursday: Get 10% (or more) Off Select Organized Tours

Last week, Katrina shared how she saved thousands on a Kumuka tour just by shopping around and diligently doing her homework before finally finding a tour reseller with a big sale. Yes, it did seem like a lot of time and effort – something we all might not have or want to put in to the search – but there is a quick and easy way to at least save 10% off a tour without much effort at all.
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locks for life

Saturday Snap: For Life

Love locks. They adorn a bridge in Vilnius, Lithuania, and I couldn’t get enough of them. When a couple gets married, they attach a lock to the bridge to symbolize their bond — and then throw the key in the river. How beautiful is that? Read more
April 21, 2012 · Continue Reading · 0
walking in rain

White Knuckles: Getting Out of Istanbul Alive Part 2

Our first taxi driver from the airport to Bahaus Hostel shocked us, but in a good way. His care at every turn along with controlled speed made the trip on Easter Sunday morning — in completely desolate roads — something on par with sightseeing. Perhaps for a minute I thought Turkey had learned to drive in the few months since my departure in October.
April 17, 2012 · Continue Reading · 13

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