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A Day at the Zoo


Who likes the zoo?! I do, I do!

It was quite amusing that the day before I went to the zoo here in Sydney, I was actually teaching a young Korean girl about the zoo in English lesson. She got excited when I told her about my weekend plans, and I got excited, too. I love the zoo!

The sun was out in full force making the ferry ride and sky safari that much better.

ferry ride

In the zoo, its quite easy to think that these animals don’t have it so bad afterall. Even though they are not living in the wild, they do get free lodging, food, and a spectacular view of Sydney. Those just don’t come cheap around these parts!

giraffe view

Top 5 at the Zoo:
1) Bat eating a mouse while hanging upside down.
2) Lion playing with a ball.
3) Crazy looking orang-utan.
4) Coin-fetching birds.
5) Tiny penguins swimming.

All in all, a great day with great people at the Taronga Zoo. Here are some more pictures!


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2 Responses to A Day at the Zoo

  1. Brad April 9, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    Sometimes I find the zoo to be a sad place, but it still can be one of my favorite places to visit. Especially in a new city. The one here in Chicago can be kind of depressing. I hear the St. Louis zoo is one of the best, will be checking it out this summer.
    Personally, I enjoy:
    1) Lion yawns
    2) Naked Mole Rats
    3) Desert Cats
    4) Stoic Rhinos
    5) Frustrated Dads (accompanied by but not including the annoying child)

    I like your site. Do you ever get any donations?

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