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Day 238: Adventures in Queensland Begin

Day 238:  Pat seeing me off at Sydney Airport[/caption]

My disposition towards the weather in Sydney as of late is not something I’ve hidden from you, my readers. I would also say that my dislike for Sydney winter (relatively speaking) has also been mentioned, which is why I was so damn excited to make a winter getaway up to north Queensland in Australia courtesy of Tourism Queensland. Yes, it is a free trip, so do be aware that everything I may mention in the coming days has come about free of charge.

Free or not, I do love me some Queensland. It is by far the most exotic region of Australia that has the goods to please not just some, but m-a-n-y travelers that make it this far. Last year’s road trip with Heather was absolutely awe-inspiring, and this trip is taking me to all the bits and pieces that I happened to miss so that I can now offer some more well-rounded advice to would-be north Queensland tourists. Yay for me and you!

The first day of the trip had me rising early and arriving at the airport at around 7am with a lovely escort (Pat) on my arm. I must say this is the hardest part of doing these media trips: not being able to experience it with my partner. But, I do my best and make it all work somehow. I mean… beaches, spa treatments and hot air balloon rides over the rainforest don’t make it too hard to manage I guess. wink face

And, as a sweat began to break out from the hot sun streaming through my plane’s window, we arrived in tropical Cairns – in the airport that appears to finally be up to snuff after last year’s renovations. The sun was out in full force, and I was taking off the layers I had originally worn to combat the Sydney morning chill as I was making my way to the baggage claim. Oh, yes, this is humid; this is Cairns. Must find sunscreen.

I met my group who would be joining me in the media trip – the poor girls were from America and had just spent the entire day prior in various planes, so I then had no right to complain about my 5 am wake-up call from Sydney. All was good, though, with the group, and we headed on to the Shangri-La in Cairns for check-in and a lunch involving both crocodile and kangaroo on a stick at Dundee’s (how very Australian, eh?). Both were right on the waterfront and right next to the Reef Fleet Terminal – the best spots in all of Cairns I imagine.

Crocodile & Kangaroo on a Stick at Dundee's

Crocodile & Kangaroo on a Stick at Dundee's

I am one lucky duck.

Shangri-La Cairns room view

View from my rooom at the Shangri-La

This is only the beginning of a week of pure travel bliss with my fellow Americans, so do stay tuned 🙂


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2 Responses to Day 238: Adventures in Queensland Begin

  1. Randy August 28, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    Looks like this is going to be one heck of a trip. We will be living vicariously through you as we hunker down and wait out hurricane Irene.

  2. bethany August 30, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    oh awesome brooke! What an amazing view – love the photos coming from your new camera!!!

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