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As we sat at dinner, I started to feel a slight tickle in my shirt. The tickles kept coming and going, while I scratched and attacked in between sentences. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “I have ants in my bra!”

There are few things I hate more than insects. I knew that coming to Central America could pose a threat to me, comfort-wise, in this area, but so far there hasn’t been too much drama. Our room in San Pedro liked to attract big, nasty spiders, such as the one below. Luckily, Brian would take care of this for me without complaints since he knew I wouldn’t be able to relax until it was so.

spider in my room

I guess we’ve just reached that prime climate here on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico because the main problem we’re dealing with is of all the freaking ants everywhere. I was walking down the street on our first day in Puerto Escondido and felt a sting on my toe. I looked down to see a little bitty ant clinging on for dear life. I’ve woken up to many random ant bites on my body. At restaurants, they’ve tried to crawl into our drinks and further onto us from the table cloth.

Back at our hotel I noticed ants all over the floor, which I proceeded to sweep out of the room. The next morning, the other bed (we paid for a triple) that had all of our stuff on it was crawling with ants – the little itty bitty kind that hide themselves so well until there’s a swarm. We frantically shook all of our stuff off and hung whatever we could up, but it was of no use. The ants persist.

The ants at the hotel became so bad that Brian and I bared the extreme heat here to cross town in search of another place to stay. Ok, so we also wanted to find another place to stay in order to save some money. Our new hotel is half the price of the other and a 5 minute walk from the beach still. Now, however, we feel as though we’ve traded one bad thing for another because instead of ants we just have tons of surfers. There is far too much testosterone and MTV present downstairs. And just like ants, or cheerleaders, it is possible to put up with maybe one or two at a time, but when there’s an entire group together at once, they just have a way of causing irritation.

*I don’t really hate surfers. Just the ones we have here.
**This is a dramatization of actual events. Well, while some ants were harmed in the making of this blog post, Puerto Escondido is actually quite pleasant.
***We leave tomorrow night for another 13 hour bus ride to San Cristobal de las Casas. Maybe we’ll actually get our butts off the beach and do something now.


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