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The August Express 2012


All aboard!

The goal of The Monthly Express will be to get you from one month to the next in one quick and easy blog post. I’ll wrap up the best of the month, as well as give a rundown on upcoming news. Here goes!

tomsk to moskva

All aboard!

1st Stop: August Blogging

A lot of fun topics were covered in August, especially those concerning some more interesting times in Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. In Kyrgyzstan, we drank the horse milk, discovered that horse milk tourism is a thing, got our haircuts at the Osh Bazaar, and talked about how modern Bishkek is in comparison to Kashgar. In Mongolia, we discussed the reasons Pat discovered he wasn’t a man.

Our big train trip was discussed further in the posts telling why we worked with Real Russia, and also explaining the power outlet situation on the trains.

Don’t forget, I’m looking for a guy intern, I’m still doing a giveaway for FTU, and I just launched an official site newsletter.

2nd Stop: Weekend Snaps

This place is called the Gultekin, and it is located in Goreme, Cappadocia. I highly recommend this motel for anyone visiting — great location, nice rooftop seating, friendly owners, and cute rooms. I stayed here as part of my Intrepid Travel tour.

cave motel

3rd Stop: Favorite Comments

In response to my post about working with Real Russia:

Glad to find out about this company – would love to do this one day so it’s great to get advice from someone who’s done it.

-Rebecca of Rebecca and the World

Glad I was able to help in leading you to Real Russia! I was super impressed with them as well – especially as they helped me through the visa process, responding to my email questions within minutes when the visa agency I was using to submit my application in Washington DC didn’t have a clue.

-Katie of Katie Going Global

Bishkek Haircut Experience

My Bishkek haircut experience.

4th Stop: Guest Blogging and Writing Elsewhere

See where else I’ve been writing on the Web:

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5th Stop: What’s Hot on Facebook

This question: Name one destination WEST of Illinois that deserves a visit.

upcoming news

Upcoming News at BvtW

6th Stop: BvtW News

Pat and I are still living it up in Sydney, but since I’ve been feeling a little homesick, I am planning my next trip to… the USA!

I’ll be leaving Australia on November 14th, stopping in Hawaii, spending Thanksgiving in Illinois and maybe having another fun adventure in the Southwest on the way back. How fun!

Too bad I’ll be going it solo. Pat’s just too busy right now to take the time off and join me. Oh well, next time!


2 Responses to The August Express 2012

  1. bethany September 2, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Great post Brooke! I love the monthly wrap up – you’ve certainly had a lot going on. 🙂

    • Brooke September 5, 2012 at 8:07 am #

      Thanks, Beth! I always wonder what people think of these posts as they’re not usually something that is comment-inticing. Cheers!

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