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Day 203: Belated Friday Writing Round-Up


writingIt’s not easy keeping up with all that goes on in my writing world. Heck, I can barely keep up with it myself! That’s why it is good to just sometimes put some of the highlights into one place, and that brings us to this post:

Her Packing List

Packable Exercise Equipment to Take RTW: Can you really take exercise equipment with you in your backpack? I lay out what the female traveler can pack to stay fit when traveling.

My Ass Kicking Kit for Colds: Alouise Dittrick wrote up a guest post for the site talking about the remedies she uses to make her colds disappear faster, which is great for when you get sick on the road.

OneTravel Blog

The Little Joys of a Long-Distance Train Trip: Why is train travel so much better than other methods of transportation? Read about my personal opinions in this article.

5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Guatemala: Guatemala was my first experience with travel to lesser developed countries. It will always have a special place in my heart, but more than just the experience, there are many reasons for anyone to plan a visit.

Spontaneous Travel: Making the Unplanned Happen: How often do you find yourself on spontaneous adventures? If not that often, there is probably a reason. Here are some tips for making yourself more open to being spontaneous.

WhyGo Australia

7 Island Getaways in Australia Besides Hamilton: Australia has islands that could make travel magazine covers on any day of the week. I made a short list of some big ones to check out, besides the very well-known Hamilton Island.

Moving to Oz for a Working Holiday: How to Find a Job: Using my own personal experience, I put together a list of ways, along with tips, to find your first job in Australia on your working holiday.

My Top 5 Marrickville Cafes: This great post on some awesome cafes in Marrickville was written by Caroline of Caroline in the City. Sydney is composed of dozens (hundreds?) of suburbs, so it’s good to get insight into one from someone that lives there now.

Brooke vs. the World

Feeling Lost: The Negative Side of Travel: I found an old piece of writing on my computer that made me think about the negative side of travel: the times where we feel lost.

Bishkek’s Victory Monument: Here are photos of a very special monument in Bishkek, Kyrgystan that I took when I visited in 2008.

Goosebumps… Because It’s Cold? No, That’s Travel Excitement: I’m remembering a time of travel excitement so strong that I felt goosebumps. Why? Oh, please read on.

Happy reading!


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