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Day 197: Bishkek’s Victory Monument


I remember… one of the first touristy things I did in Bishkek (back in 2008) besides go to the market with an intriguing traveler to get fresh bread and apples was to check out the Victory Monument.

To me, the Victory Monument represented the feel of a former Soviet country. The area, besides being lightly decorated with colorful flags, was rather sparse, stark and concrete laden; it immediately made me think of my brief time in Kiev just before. I walked to the monument on an overcast, cold day in hopes of taking it all in.

bishkek victory monument full
The monument was erected on the 40th year anniversary of the WWII victory over Nazi Germany. An eternal flame is protected by a woman to portray those family members that were waiting for their loved ones to return from the war… and who continue to wait.

bishkek victory monument
The funeral wreath at the top of the monument includes the Kyrgyz yurt top symbol that also finds itself on the country’s flag.

bishkek victory flame

bishkek victory monument flame bold
The monument is located in Victory Square in Bishkek where it has stood since 1984.

bishkek victory monument statue flags

Did you ever think that people in Kyrgyzstan were out there fighting in World War II? It’s easy to forget they were Soviet… I mean, because we probably never heard of them until 6 years ago (I know I didn’t).

Did you hear? I’m going back to Bishkek!


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