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Aroamas solid perfumes, no spills, no leaks, no worries

Adventures in Market Stalling

While not a travel adventure, market stalling has been a whirlwind of experiences, along with a great way to meet people from far and wide. I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and these little nuggets can also apply to other businesses, and (if you think about it) even blogging.

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30th Birthday

30s Travel

A reflective post on getting older and travel priorities. I think turning 30 deserves a little bit of contemplation, don’t you?

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Aussie, the Tasmanian devil

The Future of the Tasmanian Devil

His name is Aussie, born and raised in captivity, so I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING THIS AT HOME (the claws on those little guys are impressive). However, I do recommend paying him a visit at the lovely Tasmanian devil sanctuary, Devils@Cradle.

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the Edge of the World

Journey to the Edge of the World

Day one of my North West Tasmania adventures takes me to the far reaches of the island… to a place known as The Edge of the World.

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Tasmanian beach

Where Australia Wins

Coffee, nature, tipping, shipping, online shopping and overall lifestyle — I go through where Australia wins in my expat mind.

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Brooke vs the World is going to OMAN, Middle East

Stop Teasing and Out With It Already

I’m going places. Here’s the post that lays out the travel plans happening in the coming weeks and months. I’m extremely excited, especially to add a new region of the world to my resume.

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carnival cruise pat and brooke

The Amazing, Floating Vegas

There’s something about Vegas… What would you say that is? The feeling of forgetting reality for a few days. The indulgence as you partake in buffets of tummy-filling, belt-loosening food. Pat and I got that vibe again a week ago.

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queen kapiolani hotel

Australia Has Killed the Budget Traveler in Me

It is one thing to evaluate prices for accommodation and travel in general relative to the area you are traveling in, but it is another to evaluate those in relation to the cost of living at home. I now perceive budget travel differently after living in Australia.

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carnival cruise

So Let Me Tell You About This Cruise Tomorrow

Going on my first ever cruise tomorrow on the Carnival Spirit. We’re heading all the way down to Melbourne on a 3-night tour. Super excited!

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From 4 Years Ago to 4 Years in the Future

As you all know, applying for the Australian partner visa has been a huge topic on my blog, and also a subject of interest for many of those reading. A little over 2 years ago, I put in my huge stack of papers for the initial process.

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