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Day 39: Six Degrees of Separation in a Small, Small World

Who do I know that you know?… Read more Normally, I wouldn’t think to ask this question except there have now been several — almost freaky — incidents where I’ve come to meet someone in some random part of the world to find out they have encountered someone I know. It is a small freakin’ world, people, and the more I travel,

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What has been the best year of your life?

In one of my conversation clubs in school here in Ukraine, I asked my students what the best year of their life has been. Questions like these, followed with a simple, “Why?”, are a great way to get them all to talk (my main goal for my classes), while also killing a ton of class time. However, a lot of… Read more

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What the hell are you doing?!

I don’t know! I just really don’t know what I’m doing back here in Kaz-Stan, or Central Asia for that matter. When I booked a month for home it was just so cost-effective to get a round-trip ticket that I couldn’t pass it up. Plus that meant I could store some things with friends in Almaty (my super cute red… Read more

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Seeing Peoria Through New Eyes

“Did I just say that?” I thought to myself.
The first time the words came out of my mouth in Bishkek, I couldn’t believe they were mine. That was when my pal, Erica, turned to me and said, “Why can’t you? If going home right now is what you need or want in order to be happy, then just do… Read more

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Central Asian TidBits Buffet

In an attempt to be caught-up and on-the-ball upon my return abroad in September, I’ve decided to combine all these little ideas for individual blog posts into one smorgasbord of interesting bits. So, here you have it! What I’ve learned, loved, lacked and l-acquired (?) while in Central Asia.

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When a border crossing goes wrong.

Let’s take it back to where we left off: May 30th – June 14th.… Read more
It had been nearly 2 months of being settled in Bishkek when I decided to head to Almaty, Kazakhstan to visit a friend and see the city for a few days. I had almost forgotten how much I missed the excitement of being in transit –

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