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welcame to kashigar

Some Things That Don’t Mesh in the Countries of the Silk Roadistan Tour

I’m never going to stop talking about the Silk Roadistan Tour. Nope. It was just too interesting! So here we have some more observations from our months abroad this year.

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Best 13 Cents Ever?

Someone might not be very happy with me for putting this up, but I think it’s hilarious. After going through my photos today, this is the post I came up with. Enjoy!

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toilet in mongolia

Toilet Adventures on the Silk Roadistan Tour

I don’t understand how people function without toilet privacy. I just don’t. It was an absolute struggle through the Silk Roadistan Tour when I had to not only deal with the dreaded squatter, but also, the squatter with no doors.

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The One Thing You Forget to Pack (Vlog)

I might consider myself a little bit anal when it comes to packing, but I explain why in this new vlog. Yes, I made a video so you can see my face and hear my voice. I hope I don’t disappoint!

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brooke's haircut adventure in Bishkek's Osh Bazaar

You Can’t Do That at the Bazaar

Because Pat was looking all scrubby after a month on the road, I had to get roped in, too.

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kashgar hostel

Kashgar Made Bishkek Feel Western

My realization on why I may love Bishkek so much. When put into perspective, Bishkek is a modern, easy-going Central Asian city. I just didn’t know how much until we hit Kashgar in the west of China.

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horse milking

Horse Milk Tourism: It’s a Thing

Just when you thought I couldn’t talk about horse milk any more, I go and drop a bombshell. I tell of my discovery of horse milk tourism in this post and how, yes, it is a real thing.

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An adorable little horse out on the jailoo

We Drank the Horse Milk

In Kyrgyzstan, they imbibe gritty drinks like shoro, eat old dried out yogurt balls called kurut, and they also down the horse milk. Fermented horse milk. You read that right.

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wedding in bishkek

A Candid Conversation About Kyrgyz Bride-napping

“But isn’t bride-napping illegal?” I ask my English speaking car mates in Osh. The more eloquent speaker of the two shrugs slash nods at the same time. “Yes… but it is tradition.”

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A Kyrgyz Drink Shocking Travelers’ Taste Buds (with video)

When I watched Pat try one of those “street drinks” that are ever so popular in Kyrgyzstan, the very same one I had tried back in 2008, I couldn’t help but laugh at his misfortune.

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