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Is travel all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows?

Travel, and more specifically long-term travel, is often idolized and imagined as this blissful freedom where problems never occur, and happiness roams as free as the air you breathe. If you’re like me, just thinking about hitting the open road right now is giving you a warm feeling inside – one almost so consuming that you can’t possibly think of… Read more
June 30, 2010 · Continue Reading · 19

The Story of Brooke vs. the World

With almost four years of content filling the pages of this weblog, it’s not uncommon for new visitors to not really understand where and how this all started. It would take quite some time for somebody to go back through all the drivel, but it also takes a bit of time to answer the emails. The best way to deal… Read more
May 27, 2010 · Continue Reading · 29

The power of travel.

A friend of my mom’s gave her a little article from National Geographic Traveler that I thought would be worth sharing.    How do you feel about the power of travel? If I had a choice between sending someone to travel the world and sending him to college, I would send him around the world. You will learn far more… Read more
March 1, 2008 · Continue Reading · 6

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