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sweet potato dessert

Day 97: How is Brooke going to do in Malaysia?

Day 97: Purple Sweet Potato Dessert. I'm Adventurous.
This question was asked last night by one of Pat’s family members, and I know it is a valid one. It was Patrick’s brother’s birthday, so we met the family out at a Chinese restaurant for one of those communal meals that I loathe simply because they are too communal and because… Read more
April 8, 2011 · Continue Reading · 8
malaysian food

Day 35: Preparing for Malaysia by Eating Loads of Malaysian Food

Day 35: Alice's Malaysian Extravaganza
I’ve been eating heaps of Malaysian food now that I have Patrick in my life, and it isn’t always a bad thing — just when all the food is prepared with seafood. Tonight we went to dinner with his family over to Alice’s, a restaurant way up in the North Shore of Sydney with some… Read more
February 4, 2011 · Continue Reading · 18

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