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My Real Life Shark Week Experience

Not too long before my trip to the States, I was contacted by the lovely people at Get Your Guide (a tour booking site) who wanted to offer a tour to me while out and about. When they gave me a list of options for Hawaii, and said list had SHARK CAGE DIVING on it, I was able to stop reading at that exact moment.
December 31, 2012 · Continue Reading · 10
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How to Pack for a Trip to the USA

When you’re an American expat living in Australia, there is one thing I know when it comes to packing for a trip home to the USA. Yes, you’re going to take clothing for the exact opposite season. And, yes, you’re going to probably not travel as much like a backpacker. But, neither of those are it. My biggest and most important tip for packing for the USA is…
November 26, 2012 · Continue Reading · 11
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Where to Next? Europe, USA, or…?

Australia is a remote country — so remote that getting anywhere takes time and money. And, if you want to get to the USA to visit your family, to Europe to crash a blog conference, or to your next random country in your plans to check off all former Soviet countries in the world, then it is going to come down to making some hard choices, and pretty much choosing one over the other.
July 26, 2012 · Continue Reading · 21
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Day 195: Photos of Pat with Big Things

Patrick found himself going through the photos of our America trip last night and laughing at the abnormally large amount of photos of him next to big things… big fish, big stores, etc. It’s true. Pat likes to have his photos taken in some of the weirdest locations, and since I just can’t be bothered taking a daily photo of… Read more
July 15, 2011 · Continue Reading · 5

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