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Day 216: Asking for Help in a Foreign Land, and Not Getting It

On day 216, I worked on gathering up content for an article over on Bootsnall discussing some of the more awkward situations that come about during solo travel (article next week). During my collection, I realized that a lot of the ideas came from not being able to communicate with someone in a foreign language. We’ve all had those truly… Read more
August 6, 2011 · Continue Reading · 3
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Day 16: Finding a Place in the World (an ode to my favorite hangouts)

Day 16: Little Gem Hangout (from the car)
Just like everyone in Seinfeld congregated at the diner, and everyone from How I Met Your Mother met up at the pub, I, too, seem to seek out a common hangout that I can use to meet up with friends. It turns out that I’ve had several favorite hangouts now all over Read more
January 16, 2011 · Continue Reading · 11

The Talayotic Sites of Menorca

Last week our excursion involved checking out all the Menorca talayotic sites around this side of the island. The talayotic people were the inhabitants of the island that started off living in caves, and later moved into stone villages.
October 14, 2007 · Continue Reading · 2

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