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Brooke all packed up.

How to Pack for a Trip to the USA

When you’re an American expat living in Australia, there is one thing I know when it comes to packing for a trip home to the USA. Yes, you’re going to take clothing for the exact opposite season. And, yes, you’re going to probably not travel as much like a backpacker. But, neither of those are it. My biggest and most important tip for packing for the USA is…
November 26, 2012 · Continue Reading · 11
carryon luggage

Day 170: Why I Will Strive to Go Carry-On Every Trip, Every Time

Day 170: Our missing piece of luggage, found the next day.
Some trips it is just not possible to carry it all in carry-on sized baggage. It depends on the weather, the airline’s carry-on baggage restrictions, your need to take certain stuff (maybe you have some books and gifts to bring along) that you normally wouldn’t. In our case, Pat… Read more
June 30, 2011 · Continue Reading · 13
Day 107: Rediscovering My Chacos

Day 107: Bringing My Chacos Back

Day 107: Rediscovering My Chacos
What better way to while the time in between making the decision to travel and actually setting off than to pack your bag full of technical gear? I spent a lot of my time back in ’06 and ’07 making sure I had the right electronics and especially the right shoes to make my travels… Read more
April 18, 2011 · Continue Reading · 11
Day 79: My Lame Closet

Day 79: Resourcefulness in Travel — A Roundup of Responses

Day 79: My Lame Closet
I like being resourceful, and apparently I’m not the only one. I asked my readers what they’ve done to be resourceful and save money for and during travels, and the list that’s been compiled is awesome. It ranges from daily life decisions, packing tips and travel gear hacks. Have a read, be inspired and learn… Read more
March 21, 2011 · Continue Reading · 6

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