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thrifty and resourceful travelers ebook

Day 255: Get Your Free Thrifty Travel Tips Ebook

As the title suggests, I have completed the thrifty ebook compilation! This free eBook covers topics ranging from packing and gear to luxury thrifting from some of the best travel bloggers on the market. Hopefully the reading leaves you inspired to be thrifty because you know what they say: A thrifty traveler is a happy traveler!
September 13, 2011 · Continue Reading · 18
fancy pants dessert

Day 200: After 200 Days of 2011, My Thoughts on Life, Work, Travel

Day 200: French Bistro dessert
As part of a birthday celebration, I was invited to a French bistro up in our current neck of the woods in Sydney. It was a lovely dinner, and the first time I tried braised beef cheek (wow, slow-cooked goodness there). We made sure to wash it down with Champagne and wine, and of course,… Read more
July 20, 2011 · Continue Reading · 12
poptarts collage

Day 196: Accommodation Taking a Bite Out of Your Budget? Bite Back!

Day 196: Taking a Bite of a Poptart
In preparation of my upcoming thrifty and resourceful travel tips ebook, I’ve been thinking about all the ways your travel funds can be depleted and then thinking of ways to overcome these issues. Some of the most obvious reasons for travel funds depletion are eating and needing a place to sleep.… Read more
July 16, 2011 · Continue Reading · 7
Day 118:  Pack-a-lacking

Day 118: Thrifty Thursday Recommends Moving Back in with the Parents

Day 118: Pack-a-lacking
It’s a wishy-washy, love-it or hate-it tactic to saving money for travels: moving back in with the parents. It’s something that I’m in the process of doing this very second, only we’re moving in with Pat’s parents and not my own. Since we got all the trips booked to both Malaysia and the USA to fall… Read more
April 29, 2011 · Continue Reading · 18
Day 111:  Looking for thrifty tips.

Day 111: Thrifty Thursday Recommends Having a Cheap Night Out

Day 111: Looking for thrifty tips.
Alcohol and travel are like ice cream and cherries; they just seem to go together. However, alcohol is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways for travelers to break their budgets. It’s definitely not a necessary evil, but it is sometimes hard to resist… so what can you do? Well, here on Thrifty… Read more
April 22, 2011 · Continue Reading · 0

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