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kyrgyz rugs

Sunday Snap: Kyrgyz Felt Rugs

Kyrgyz felt rugs are so awesome. Ever since my first stay in Kyrgyzstan back in 2008, I wanted to bring back a rug. This time, we finally bought a couple. These are just some of the examples of rugs that were hanging at the bazaar. Don’t forget to Stumble, Tweet, or Facebook this photo if you enjoy it! Thanks 馃檪Read more
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instagrammed cap

Sunday Snap: Cappadocia Instagrammed

Cappadocia as seen through the eyes of Instagram. Love how the filter makes it feel like this photo was taken in the 70s and ready for the photo projector. So cool. If you like this shot, be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Stumbleupon… because it means a lot to me. Cheers!Read more
September 9, 2012Continue Reading 0

Saturday Snap: Cappadocia Rock Wall

I think I might sound like a broken record these days, but Cappadocia… is amazingly beautiful. The lunar-like landscape makes for such intense visuals — some with colors like in this photo. I loved being able to hike around and see the cave churches and pigeon houses above me on these gorgeous multi-colored rock walls. Don’t forget to share, Read more
September 8, 2012Continue Reading 2
wallaby party

Saturday Snap: Wallaby Party

No matter how many times I’ve done it, petting and feeding cute little wallabies never gets old. This was taken in Port Douglas in Queensland at the Wildlife Habitat. A fun place to meet and greet some of the local wildlife in Australia! Share if you love wallabies! Read more
August 11, 2012Continue Reading 1

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