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Day 181: Comparing Tea Cultures


teapotSince the Australian culture is quite closely related to the English culture, there is definitely more of a tea culture Down Under than I originally expected. People often call it “morning tea” or “afternoon tea” when they are having a snack with the beverage; a nice cup of tea is always on the list of things to do.

Hannah mentions the afternoon tea aspect of the Australian work culture >>

I was thinking about this fact while traveling in America because I used to think that we [America] did not have a tea culture… but we do.

In America, we do a little thing I love and wish the rest of the world could truly understand: iced tea. We have iced tea at most restaurants and chains, fresh-brewed and chilled to perfection. If you want it sweet, you can add in your preferred sweetener or sugar; if you want it really sweet, Cracker Barrel and Popeyes offer real sweet tea.

I. heart. iced. tea.

For a country that gets so hot [Australia], you would think that iced tea would be a more popular option. Instead, they offer the sweetened and fake-flavored Lipton bottles at convenient stores and whatnot (it’s just not the same). It’s those same bottles of sweet stuff that I find in other parts of the world; they were a popular drink on a steamy hot day in Bishkek when all I really wanted was a Diet Coke.

I’d have to say that I really love my coffee and iced coffee, but there’s just no comparing those to a nice iced tea on a hot summer day.

Day 181 is dedicated to tea because it has been cold in Sydney, and I’ve been on a tea kick.


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