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Day 259: The Great Nomads Chase in Sydney


Friday was a fairly busy day for me. It now seems a rare occasion when I am actually forced to leave the house at such an early (or standard) working hour, and it often leaves me feeling a little out of place. But, I was strongly intrigued by the Tourism Australia launch of phase 2 in their “Nothing Like Australia” campaign. I’ll be touching more on this topic in another blog post because I first wanted to talk about my Amazing Race adventure right here in Sydney!

Great Nomads Chase rally

After the launch event, I made my way to Belmore Park in Sydney where I met up with a few dozen other travel lovers to take part in the Great Nomads Chase, sponsored by World Nomads. To be honest, I, along with many of my mates, didn’t know what exactly was in store for us. We waited in anticipation for the instructions to be released and the games to begin!

Each team was given a clue for their next checkpoint and various challenges to complete along the way that ultimately lessen their overall time. My favorite was the challenge of buying a cooked chicken foot:

cooked chicken foot

… and then getting a random person on the bus to put said chicken foot in their mouth with no hands:

chicken foot in mouth

At one checkpoint, we were given a food challenge. A very gracious team member had to eat a Vegemite coated Tim Tam, while another had to then eat a dry Weet-bix bar. The third person had to blow a balloon up until it popped.

vegemite tim tam

dry weetbix challenge

Many other challenges were completed:

fountain jump

The day took us all the way from Central Station to Circular Quay and on to the Rocks (where it got real tricky). There was actually one point where our team was hopeful, and that somehow we got ahead of the game since so many other clue cards were left at a checkpoint. Our excitement turned to a bit of shock as we realized we were in fact the last team to cross the finish line!

And then there was beer. Thanks, World Nomads for my hangover today.


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4 Responses to Day 259: The Great Nomads Chase in Sydney

  1. Chris September 18, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    Haha, you *were* good and drunk when we parted ways at Wynyard Station on Friday night. Jessalyn and I, suckers for punishment that we are, kicked on to the Red Oak for even more beer. No hangover for me though. Jealous? :-p

    Such an awesome day. Hopefully they do it again sometime. But not until I’ve had time to recover >_>

  2. Tony September 19, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    Some of those challenges don’t sound dissimilar to the City Chase and Urban Max. Should def check those out if you like these kind of events.

    • Brooke September 20, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

      Probably run by the same company. WN got a company to do the planning.


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