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Day 49: Friday Writing Round-up!

Day 49: Friday Night Movie

Day 49: Friday Night Movie Date

Alright dudes, I’ll keep this short and simple. It’s Friday night (or Saturday morning for us in Oz); I’ve got stuff to do, and I’m sure you do, too, so why write up something new when I have plenty of fun little goodies for you to enjoy already done?

In the past few weeks, I’ve dabbled here and there, and here’s what I got.

Guest Posts:

Problogger: Personal Blog Monetization Perils and Pitfalls
I’m sure you’ve heard of Problogger before, so it goes without saying that I’m quite proud to have gotten a post up on this site. Link issues aside, I’m glad to have been able to share a personal story that many readers were able to relate to.

C’est Christine: What I Learned While Learning to Surf
I took some surf lessons in the Gold Coast, so I decided to put together a little post for Christine on all that I learned while doing it. Coming from a person who grew up far, far away from the ocean, it’s an interesting list.

GotSaga: 5 Best Places to Eat on a Budget in Sydney
This is a post I did for GotSaga listing my favorite cheap eats in Sydney. Remember, cheap is relative, so these are places where there is good food at a decent rate for Sydney.

Mentions & Blurbs:

Beers&Beans: Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 7th Edition
My post on technology killing the travel experience was part of this blog carnival along with so many other good ones. Need some inspiration? Head on over and start reading.

Suzy Guese: Suzy Stumbles Over Travel: Week of February 7, 2011
My post on the 25 little travel related things that make me happy was featured in the round-up on Suzy’s site.

Girl Travel Power:

Female Travel Underground: Love & Boys on the Road
In light of Valentine’s Day, the February FTU was focused on boys, boys, boys. Lots of good stories in this edition, so have a read, and don’t forget to sign up! Big things in store for next month, including a giveaway!

There is a few other things in the works at the moment that I was hoping would be live, but those will just have to wait until the next round-up. Cheers, and thanks for reading!


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