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Day 66: Fun with 50 Bucks in Cities Around the World

Day 66: I stole this 50 bucks.

Day 66: I stole this 50 bucks.

Not too long ago, I was going on about what you can get for $50 in the glorious city of Sydney, and it wasn’t really that much. Yes, there are plenty of free activities to take part in, but when it comes to spending money, it goes quickly.

In that post, I asked for what you can get with 50 bucks wherever you are, and the responses were awesome. Have a look:

Fun with 50 Bucks in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Submitted by Alouise of Traveler Ahoy

edmonton$50 in Edmonton can go a decent way if you come at the right time. In the summer there’s a lot of festivals and many are free (or cheap). You could wander around West Edmonton Mall and see free things like the Santa Maria or the fire breathing dragon. You can get around on the buses/train with daypass for $9. The last Thursday evening of every month the Art Gallery of Alberta has free admission. The Royal Alberta museum has $5 admission on weekends from 9-11am. There’s free tours at the legislature grounds, and lots of walking trails in the river valley. Wandering around Whyte Ave or High Street is always nice.

Where it get’s harder is the the food and lodging. Edmonton only has two hostels, and they start at about $35/night. Camping (legally) is about the same price. You could couchsurf and save money that way. Edmonton doesn’t have a lot cheap food, like street food, except in the summer when the festivals are on. But you can get a medium Tim Horton’s coffee and a muffin for less than $2. It’s fast food, but it’s Canadian…kinda.

Fun with 50 Bucks in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Submitted by Ruth

ottawaIn Ottawa, the Backpackers Inn is 25$/night and is right downtown. In the winter you can rent skates to visit the Rideau Canal Skateway for 16$ for two hours, grab a beavertail or two (yummy pastry) at 4$ each while exploring the Winterlude acitivies. In the summer, you can bus over to Gatineau for 3$ and explore Gatineau Park’s gorgeous hiking trails through the hills for free. Then come back down and enjoy a nice dinner at one of the many pubs and restaurants in the Byward Market. There is always a festival on in the summer here, In may the tulip festival, in June and July the music festivals and early august the Buskers festival are must-sees.

Fun with 50 Bucks in Santiago, Chile

Submitted by Emily of Don’t Call Me Gringa

santiago$50 in Santiago can go quite a long way. That’s usually what my husband and I spend on a nice dinner out, which compared to US prices isn’t too bad, but you can get far more than that as a visitor.

A night at a hostel in a good location downtown will run you $16 or so. Lunch at the central market (la vega central) is ridiculously cheap, quite good and includes free people watching – you’ll pay $4. Going up the funicular on Cerro San Cristobal for a great view of the city is a whopping $3.50, and a nice glass of mote con huesillo (peach juice with wheat hominy – really yummy and refreshing in summer) is another $2 or so. You can walk around the downtown area and see the main sights for free, so we’re at about $25 for most of the day, leaving you plenty of money for a solid dinner ($10), drinks ($3/beer) and even a souvenir or two.

Fun with 50 Bucks in Stuttgart, Germany

Submitted by Laurel of Expat in Germany

stuttgartI live in Stuttgart, Germany and for $50 you can have quite a nice day. First, I would start with a walk through the vineyards on the Wine Way that leads up to the beautiful Rotenberg Chapel perched on a nice little hill for excellent views of Stuttgart – all for free. Then I would head to either the World’s Largest Pig Museum or the Mercedes-Benz Museum, depending on your interests, both of which are close by. Admission for the Pig Musuem is ~$6, admission for the Mercedes-Benz Museum, ~$10.

Then I would head to the Stuttgart Market Hall where a selection of fine gourmet foods is just waiting for you – perfect for the picnic you’re about to have. You could get a nice picnic lunch for under $15. One minute later you have arrived at your picnic destination – The Castle Garden, where you can picnic in front of the New Castle and glimpse at the Old Castle just across the street. People watching is also a good option here since on the other side is the pedestrian only Konig Street.

To work off your lunch, it’s worth walking around the Castle Grounds, exploring the Stuttgart Opera House, and then checking out Stuttgart’s most famous church, the the Collegiate Church which dates back to the 12th century – all for free.

Now it’s time to eat again -no dieting in Germany allowed. We’re headed to an outdoor table at the Cafe Planie, which has the largest selection of mouth watering cakes in town, along with decadent cappucinos which will set you back about $10.

Throw in a return ticket for the train at ~$5, which you will need to get to the vineyards and you’re sitting at about $40 and have seen some of my favorite parts of Stuttgart.

Fun with 50 Bucks in Krakow, Poland

Submitted by Aga

krakow$50 can give you a lot:

– room for two/1 night in a good hotel
– great dinner with huge cold beer (for two or even three people) at Main Square
– 6 cinema tickets
– grocery shopping for a few days
– tickets to all rooms and apartaments (for two) to Wawel Royal Castle
– date at movies: $15 for two tickets + $35 dinner for two
– 3 bottles of vodka 😉

Fun with 50 Bucks in Austin, Texas, USA

Submitted by Erica of Over Yonderlust

Austin Texas Lake FrontLets see… in Austin the hostel will run you $25/night.

Most shows downtown are free. If you go and see a big one you will have to fork over $15 or so.

If you arrive on a Thursday you can drink at my favorite bar where anything on tap (including Guinness) is $2/pint.

If you want to eat our awesome trailer fare you’ll probably spend the rest of your money there. Gourmet for cheap! And yummy!

You can also spend you day at Zilker Park (which is free) or spend $3 to get into the natural springs – Barton Springs – which stays open all year and is a consistent 68 degrees at all times. Warm in the winter and take your breath away cold during those 100+ degree days. During the summer there is free symphony under the stars. Or you can catch the bats leaving the Congress bridge to forage for food that night – free as well.

Fun with 50 Bucks in Mission Beach, California, USA

Submitted by Randy from Beers & Beans

mission beachI could buy 73 rolled tacos (beef or chicken) from Roberto’s Taco Shop in Mission Beach. Or, ride the historic Giant Dipper Roller Coaster at Mission Beach four times.

Brooke’s note: I personally like the idea of buying 37.5 tacos (half beef, half chicken) and then taking my boyfriend and I on the historic Giant Dipper roller coaster. That could be a really good (or bad) day in Mission Beach for a mere $50.

Fun with 50 Bucks in San Diego, California, USA

Submitted by Bethany from Beers & Beans

pacific beachOn Saturday I could rent a bike for half a day ($12), then head to the cantina for the amazing Papas Locos ($8) and watch the surf. Then I could rent a surfboard for about $10 for the last half of the day – not bad! After that I could hit up the farmers market and buy some flowers ($5). Then I could run to Luigi’s get a giant slice of pizza for about $4, then I could go to Lahaina’s on the beach and get a pitcher of beer while watching the sunset. Not bad!

Fun with 50 Bucks in Berlin, Germany

Submitted by Yvonne of Just Travelous

Perfect for a Sunday in Berlin: Go out for breakfast (served here till 5pm) about 20$ for two persons, then visit the flea market in Mauerpark and also have fun at the open air karaoke (both completely free) afterwards eat a Currywurst for about 3$ and then check for half-price tickets and watch a great show or dance the night away on an awesome concert. Berlin rocks!

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9 Responses to Day 66: Fun with 50 Bucks in Cities Around the World

  1. Emily March 8, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    How fun to see not only what $50 can get you in different cities but also what different people think of when they’re challenged to give you an idea of how they suggest spending $50.

    • Brooke March 8, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

      Yeah, especially Randy’s idea about the 73 tacos. Mmmm… tacos. Very good information here — hopefully I can put some of it to use in the future!

      • Erica March 19, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

        Honestly I’m scared about a place where you can get 73 tacos for $50 lol! <3

  2. Alouise March 9, 2011 at 5:34 am #

    I have to admit, when I first started writing my comment on the original post I thought “there’s no way $50 could get much in Edmonton” I’m used to going with my friends to restaurants with $25 main courses, then to a movie, another $20 for admission and snacks. But then I started to think about it, and I realized that there is quite a bit to do, you just have to be creative.

    I loved reading what else $50 can get in other cities. This definitely gives me some ideas for future travels.

  3. Lauren March 9, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    Super-fun post! Now I really want to go to Poland because it sounds cheap (and also because I’m a quarter Polish, but mostly for the cheapness).

    • Brooke March 10, 2011 at 7:46 am #

      Poland is pretty sweet, and I remember eating some yummy food while there!

  4. Amanda March 9, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    Love this post! Such a cool idea. And I liked reading about what others think 50 bucks can get them in their city. Funny how food/drink played so heavily into all the answers!


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