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Days 188 – 191: A Collection of Ideas that Could Have Been Posts


margaritas and funyuns

I deserve a drink.

For four days I have been frantically writing posts. As each day passes, I have been yet another day behind and I honestly have too much going on to keep up this back-blogging. So, I did it. I combined four days of posts into one to start fresh on Monday and start blogging again in a daily manner.

A lot has been going down as of recently, hey?

Google+ has been sweeping across my Facebook and Twitter streams. I finally got an invite from someone, took a quick peek and then decided to close it down. Really, how can we do this? How can I switch to yet another SM platform after investing so much time in Facebook? I wonder how this will affect all the communities that have based themselves on Facebook… will Google+ prevail? At this moment, I just can’t care. You?

In the meantime, you can join up on the Brooke vs. the World Facebook page >>

South Sudan has been born. It’s kind of crazy to be hearing of a new country entering the world, don’t you think?

I’ve been working on getting the site cleaned up and updated (this will take a while), so I’ve been asking for your questions. I’m also working on this month’s Female Travel Underground newsletter, as well as a thrifty tips ebook and could use your submissions. Gee, I’m asking a lot lately, aren’t I?!

The World’s Most Nakedest Man has added more photos to his album of himself naked in front of popular monuments and icons. Brace yourself!

We’ve had no luck with the house sitting thus far. I’ve gotten a couple of responses that sounded somewhat promising, even an interview scheduled, but they both fell through in the end. I’ll keep looking until something pops up!

Just got word that I’ll be heading to Queensland next month. It’ll go from August 26th to September 2nd, and seeing how cold it is right now in Sydney, sitting in the bed with a cold draft coming through the window, I’m very excited! We’ve got Cairns, Kuranda, Palm Cove, Kewarra Beach and Port Douglas on the travel menu.

I’ve been working really hard trying to think up some great ideas for the future of Brooke vs. the World, so hang tight! The rest of the year should be a good ride!


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