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While most of my blogging endeavor on Brooke vs. the World is done out of deep down love for travel, I do receive some free stuff, and I do make a little bit of money off of affiliate programs and link sales in the process.

To be clear, so that you’re with me and understand where I’m coming from, let’s point out some specifics:

  • If I do a review of a product, such as a book, I most likely received it for free. That said, I still do my best to give an unbiased review regardless of it being free. And, I wouldn’t accept the product to review initially if I weren’t at least a little bit interested in it to begin with.
  • Advertisements are sold on this site in the form of text links, contextual links and graphics.
  • I make a little bit of money from affiliate programs, those that can also be seen in the form of text links, contextual links and graphics. Some of the programs I am affiliated with, and currently promoting, include Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, Groupenture, World Nomads, Travel Hacking Cartel and Airtreks.
  • I promote and advertise information and websites that are of use to travelers, travel bloggers and those planning travel.

Thanks for reading and believing in me, all. You rock!

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