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The Family’s First Vacation — Fun For All Ages In Waikiki


With its buzzing nightlife, famous beach parties, and extensive array of restaurants and bars, Honolulu can certainly deliver an experience to remember for adults–but what about for those who are hoping to enjoy the sights and sounds of the capital and its surrounding beauty with their young families?


Teeming with a diverse set of activities that are entertaining, educational, and exciting, Honolulu is the ideal place to set your sights on for your family’s first vacation. While keeping your itinerary packed to the brim is wise, ensuring that your vacation includes a centrally-located hotel, plenty of food options, and access to the beach is of paramount importance. Here are several tips for keeping everyone in your group happy on your trip to Oahu, regardless of age!

Central Location In Waikiki

The plane ride out to the Gathering Place is certainly no cake walk, and as a result, you’ll want to keep your operations within walking distance, at least to start out. From the White Sands Hotel to another chic Waikiki resort, having a comfortable place to begin and end your day will go a long way to keeping smiles on faces. If you’re located downtown, you’re within walking distance of a number of surefire crowd pleasers, such as the Honolulu Aquarium and Zoo, Diamond Head Crater, and the world famous beach. This collection runs the gamut of activity types, from adventurous to educational! With less travel time to all of the famous sites, everyone is sure to be fresh and ready for a fun excursion in the Hawaiian sun.

Highlight The Once-In-A-Lifetime

Hawaii has been a destination for millions over the years because of the unique sensations only achieved while on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The wonderment that you’ll share with your kids is something you’ll never forget when you’re trolling along the bottom of the ocean in a submarine, or staring out at the surfers riding the tremendous waves on North Shore. Similarly, going out for some Hawaiian cuisine and watching some traditional hula will help everyone appreciate the differences in cultures and the growth that comes from stepping out of your comfort zones and trying new things!

Budget Fun

One of the great ways to spend your time while also watching your wallet is to explore the island’s beaches. Besides Waikiki Beach, which you’re sure to enjoy on several occasions, there are some secluded, beautiful beaches of unbelievable quality just a short drive away. Heading East to Kailua, you’ll find yourself looking at some of the most desirable stretches of shore in the world. North of there, the charm of the Windward side of the island continues as you round the corner with beaches tucked behind tree lines and less crowds to contend with!

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