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Where’s the Chaos? My First Business Class Experience


biz class thai airwaysI walked with a purpose towards the line that said “business class”. My peripheral vision had decided to stop working now that I had been in transit for at least 24 hours, and Frankfurt airport was the place where I had to pick up my last boarding pass before heading on to Istanbul. With my peripheral vision no longer working, I focused on the task at hand. That was, until I heard a stern voice at the desk at the front of the Lufthansa transit desk lines hastily getting my attention.

“You’re in business class?” said the main with a strong, somewhat disgusted and somewhat better-than-me tone.

“Yes.” I held my head high. I may not look like a business class flier, but that doesn’t mean I deserve that sort of response.

“What’s your name?”

I gave it to him. He didn’t do anything with it.

Still a bit high and mighty, “Where’s your boarding pass?”

“That’s what I’m here to get… my boarding pass. I checked in back in Sydney before I could check in to this next flight. It’s in business class.”

And still an air of incredulousness to his words, “Ok, go and get your boarding pass.” He motioned in a way that made me go into line… the economy class line.


hot towel and champagneIt was a far cry from the treatment I had received previously as I entered my Thai Airways flight back in Sydney bound for Bangkok. Hot towel, ma’am? Champagne?

Why YES, yes of course!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I wrangled up an awesome deal using US Airways miles to book a business class flight from Sydney to Bishkek with a stopover in Istanbul. It was my first ever business class experience.

It was a different plane ride experience, that’s for sure. Never have I gotten off a 9 hour flight feeling so light and pain-free. I had a seat that practically laid down flat! Flat, I tell ya!

dinner business classWhen you get served your meal, it’s a gourmet ordeal: You even get your own mini salt and pepper shakers! And, they offered me port with my post-meal cheese and fruit plate. Seriously.

In business class, you waltz in with no fuss. There’s no worrying about whether or not your bag will fit in the overhead bin, or whether the person next to you will steal your armrest. It’s relaxed; no chaos.

Just as easy as you waltz on, you waltz right off, and with express customs line passes.

Oh, business class… you are quite amazing. While it is not something I can afford to do on a normal basis, I am 100% sure that I will only be using my miles to indulge in such decadent flight experiences in the future.


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8 Responses to Where’s the Chaos? My First Business Class Experience

  1. Annette | Bucket List Journey November 2, 2011 at 8:28 am #

    Sounds like a heavenly experience that I hope to have one day 🙂

    • Brooke November 3, 2011 at 12:20 am #

      Very worthwhile!

  2. Ian [EagerExistence] November 2, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    I know right! Especially good on those long-haul flighs. I took business class from Perth (AUS) to Dubai (UAE). So worth doing at least once

  3. Traveling Ted November 3, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself.

  4. StaceyV November 12, 2011 at 4:04 am #

    I’ll be using my airmiles to enjoy similar perks, I never even started claiming airmiles until this year


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