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Food, Vodka, and More Vodka


One of the perks of being involved with a language school is meeting all the interesting people that come and go. We have a nice little community of people to hang out with, which also opens the door for meeting other Kyrgyz families. This week, Ryan and I were invited over to Jamie’s host family’s “mansion” for a typical dinner involving food, vodka, food, and much more vodka.

The Kyrgyz people have a way of dealing with alcohol that I am not too familiar with from growing up in the States. They think of any excuse for toasting another shot of vodka, and if your glass is empty, it will be filled before you know it. On top of the shots, they mix it up with juices, sodas, and beer! Did they not learn that mixing leaves you sick?

Just when you think you can’t possibly eat another bite, they bring out another plate of Manti. And, when you try to refuse the huge pile of food, they put it on your plate anyways. At least I enjoy eating until I’m too full to move, or else the evening could have turned for the worst. Overall, it was a great time, and here are the pictures to prove it.

Dinner lasted a very long time. Ryan and I took a taxi back to our neighborhood (we live about 5 minutes away in the same microdistrict). After parting in the late, dark, and stormy evening, I realized I was locked out of the apartment building and had left my cell phone inside. I had a slight panic attack at first, but then proceeded to pound on the door until my host mom realized it was me and let me in, laughing the whole time because I drank too much vodka. What a night!

PS – Everyone thought I was about 17. How can I be turning 25 in a month and still be confused for 17?!


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2 Responses to Food, Vodka, and More Vodka

  1. Amy Kc April 29, 2008 at 3:10 am #

    Hey Brooke,

    Just saying that i love your blog! It is so good to follow your journey!
    My English teacher and class have been following on and you were one of the only blogs we could find without swearing, being ruda about everything, etc. so congrats!!

    Can’t wait to read the next entry!! (and good luck with the russian)

    Love Amy

  2. Craig April 29, 2008 at 8:21 am #

    Sounds like you are having a blast! We can’t wait to leave on our rtw trip in 2 months!

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