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Getting Caught Up: Part 2


Now continues the second part of the series “Getting Caught Up” by Brooke vs. the World.

Housewarming: In the meantime, the house that we shared a backyard with was broken into. The French and Italian housemates all decided that they didn’t feel so safe there anymore and went about renting a house of their own. They had a housewarming party and everyone invited was green with envy at how nice their place was compared to ours!


After they all left, the International House became much less fun, and the cockroaches began to take over…

Easter: This year’s Easter events were much different from the year’s before, but it was still a great time. Sydney does this fair called the Easter Show that a bunch of people gathered up for. My favorite part of the Easter Show was the woodchopping events where I was left amazed, yet inspired. It made me yearn for the pick axe I so loved during the archaeological dig I attended in Spain.


All the Aussies I know ranted and raved about something called “show bags” before we headed to the Easter Show. Apparently, these are bags of goodies you can get for fairly cheap from different companies. Of course, the tallest dude in the bunch decided that sporting a purple Willy Wonka hat he got from his show bag was the way to go. Hmm…


I also encountered one of the longest ATM lines ever there:


Third Job: Finally, a company I was talking with from the first week I arrived in Sydney decided to meet with me to talk seriously about a project I could do for them. If the job were to happen, this would solve my money problems and working hours dilemma. Could it possibly work out?!…

Hungry for more? Check back for Part 3 of this 3 part series!


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