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Day 165: Getting to Vegas, If You Can Get Past the Airport

Day 165:  Finally made it past the airport.

Day 165: Finally made it past the airport.

Las Vegas has a reputation. As the city of sin, people from all over the world flock to this desert outpost to gamble or play out their wildest fantasies… both of which don’t really appeal to me. Heck, there was this ad over in Los Angeles that made me second guess our decision to head there saying, “What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.” It was an ad to get checked for STDs. Obviously, it is what you make of it, but still it made me feel like I might be flying into a giant frat party.

Hey, what do I know? I’d never been before…

More so, I’d always been turned off by the idea of gambling. Being so thrifty in life, I have a very hard time with losing my money. It’s a tough world trying to make a buck, and when I treat them as preciously as I do (seeing the value of what money gets me in travel and around the world), it’s a tough task to put myself in a position of just giving it (my hard-earned buck) away. C’mon… We all know that casinos are out to make money, so their odds are always going to be better than ours making our chances of walking out with more money in our pockets than when we entered just not good — at all!

So, I’d never booked a trip before now.

Passing back through the area on the way back to Sydney gave us the perfect opportunity to finally change that fact. Pat was floored. He secretly wants to quit his real life to become a high stakes, full-time poker player in Vegas. Our plane headed off in the evening from Peoria, Vegas-bound on Tuesday!

We arrived at around 11pm, so the Vegas lights that truly stretch for miles in any direction, like a perfectly lit-up grid or a Light Bright, were in full force. I craned my head over aisles of people to get a view while Patrick remained asleep up until the wheels touched the ground (how does he do it?!). Vegas, we made it — now to get to our hotel and hit the slots (there’s plenty of slots in Vegas! – reference please).

We arrived at 11pm, but didn’t get out of the airport until almost 12:30. Why? Oh, I’ll tell you why…

I’d like to say that we got sidetracked with winning heaps of money on the slot machines in the airport. Yes, you read that right. In Vegas, they put slot machines in the freaking airport! So, if only our long delay at the airport was just us getting caught up in the moment and bringing in loads of cashola to our bank account. Alas.

Our delay was simply due to a mechanical failure of the trains that take you to the baggage claim. Or, I haven’t completely ruled out the fact that someone in that airport was having loads of fun watching hundreds of tired, frustrated people go from one train to the next — over and over — in hopes that this time the doors would actually open and let us on. Many people joked about candid camera being behind this while I checked for a hidden camera and/or crew in the corners. How funny it must have been. On one side the train alert sounded and a train arrived; all the people ran to that side. After the train left, not letting anyone one, the alert would sound on the other side; everyone flocked to the other train.

Ridiculous. I love technology, but when it falters and causes more trouble (wait for my upcoming post on flying back to the States), then it is just sad and annoying how much we rely on it.

We finally made it out of the airport and to our hotel, the Excalibur, and proceeded to hit the casino for a bit before calling it a night.


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