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A Good Hostel Can Be a Refuge


kashgar youth hostel compilation

The Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel

When traveling…

Sometimes it’s stressful trying to speak the language, use public transport in a new city, order food, take taxis, walk along the street without getting yelled at, walk along the streets without getting hit with a wall of dust that sticks to your sweat, and so forth.

I already mentioned before how crazy exciting Kashgar was for Pat and I, and also how much we loved our hostel because it acted as a little refuge from the chaos outside.

Night and day.

You’d wander around the town wearing yourself down with the trials — like those listed above — and then walk through the big green doors for the Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel and immediately feel at ease.

What did I love so much about our hostel?

The courtyard: Nothing like open-air seating (both with and without cover) and floor pillows that make a hostel feel comfortable. We spent many an hour lounging around, using the FREE WIFI, reading books, chatting with other travelers. Pat and I met so many interesting travelers in this courtyard and may or may not have been converted to Muslims, unknowingly, in the process. Not sure about that one.

Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel courtyard

Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel courtyard

The beer fridge: In Kashgar, alcohol is not easy to come by, so it was nice that this hostel made sure to have their beer fridge stocked… stocked with 620 mL bottles of local beer. Even better: They only cost us 70 cents!

chinese beer

Cheap, giant bottles of beer!

English-speaking help: Even though it was iffy at times, there was the ability to communicate in basic English in the hostel. We even met a girl that moved to our hostel from another because she simply couldn’t communicate in English to them.

English book section

English book section

Travel help: The owner, Moon, was super helpful and could book trains, planes, and tours for us. When our train to Urumqi was canceled, he helped us figure out how to get a refund, which would have been a nightmare on our own!

Moon and Brooke

Moon was extremely helpful!

We were thankful to be staying at this hostel while in Kashgar, even if the beds were of typical Chinese “firmness” and with rice pillows. It was our little refuge during our time in Western China!

Do you have a hostel that acted as a refuge for you while traveling? Share below.

*My stay at Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel was provided free in partnership with Hostelworld, but all words are my own.


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