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Halloween in Ukraine


Halloween this year, though not traditionally celebrated in Ukraine, was no other than a memorable experience. Now I didn’t get my annual dose of scary movies, passing out candy, or haunted houses (the closest thing we got was walking up the dilapidated black stairs to the party’s apartment), but I did get to have a few laughs thanks to the Ukrainian students and American teachers in the area.


Since the teacher trainees were all so busy last week, we didn’t really have time to find a costume, so at the last minute we found a website that had some last-minute ideas. I pinned a sign to my shirt that said, “Nudist on Strike.” Ross burned a DVD and tied that to his neck. He was a DVD burner. Tanya held on to a sign that said, “Go ceiling!” She was, of course, a ceiling fan. Nothing special, but at least we put in some sort of effort. We could have just showed up.

Anyways, when I think about that night, I cannot help but giggle. I must say that before I came to Ukraine, I was wondering what type of person would choose to move here to work. Well, I think Halloween night gave me the answer. Here are some pictures from my very, very, very strange evening.



mask on face


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