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Day 91: Holding Back From Travel Talk Overload

Day 91:  Talking Travel Over Coffee

Day 91: Talking Travel Over Coffee

After my Rottnest Island adventure, I came back to Fremantle to have dinner at Little Creatures Brewery with Heather, Adam and Nicole, and then it was off to the airport for an overnight flight back to Sydney. It is safe to say that I didn’t sleep much, but not because I wasn’t sleepy enough to do so, but only because my neck was in such an awkward position it just hurt too much.

In Sydney, I met up with Patrick for a before work coffee and that’s when I did it: I became that annoying person that can’t shut up about the trip they just had.

I know I hate it when I’m around someone that just talks and talks and talks about an experience I really can’t relate to. I know it is annoying, but on the other hand, I know how it feels to just want to share all the bits and pieces that make travel amazing. It’s hard to hold back. In this case, I had just stayed awake almost all night after having a fun-filled and exhausting day, but I couldn’t help myself.

Oh, the torment I have probably put my mother through in the past… it has now been turned on Patrick. I tried my hardest to not talk past the point that was of interest to him.

How do you hold back from travel talk overload after an awesome trip?


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3 Responses to Day 91: Holding Back From Travel Talk Overload

  1. Kelsey April 2, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    It’s so hard! Actually, my bigger problem is being that obnoxious person on the plane who strikes up a conversation and won’t shut up.

  2. ayngelina April 2, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    I find there are people who care and people who don’t. If they really want to know they’ll press you for it.

  3. Laryssa April 5, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

    I think we chatty traveler get a “by” with our significant others…for the most part, at least. 😉 In general, my boyfriend is genuinely interested in what my day consists of… including when I’m not in the US.

    I find it far more obnoxious when people casually drop references to long-past trips into daily conversation in a way that takes away from whatever the present moment is. For example, walking through the botanical garden on my first evening in Melbourne, having to listen to this American guy reminisce about how much better life was in the Philippines. But, if it wasn’t for that guy, I wouldn’t have learned about how obnoxious travel talk can be… and as a result I *try* to be more mysterious and only divulge information when probed.

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