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Hostelworld Match-up: Speak Russian in Bishkek, Stay at Rodem House


We told Hostelworld that we wanted to spend some time in central Bishkek so we could practice speaking Russian on the streets by attempting to haggle with taxi drivers and do our weekly shopping at the markets.

bishkek taxi friend

A taxi friend in Bishkek

Hostelworld matched up our goals and set us up with a stay at Rodem House.

rodem house

Rodem House

When we arrived, it was at an awkward early morning hour, given that ALL flights to Bishkek make you land at odd hours of the morning, so I didn’t know what to expect when pulling up to the hostel. To our surprise, the couple of girls running the show at Rodem House made sure we were seated in the dining room and with a full breakfast set in front of us (we arrived during breakfast hour). Within the next hour, we were given a bed to nap in until our private room was ready — just what is needed after a short overnight flight where sleep is not really a good option.

rodem house address

Rodem House address: 109 Umetalieva, not the easiest to spot. Look for this on the corner of the building.

At Rodem, there are dorm rooms, private rooms, and one big apartment with several beds on the top level. Since the private rooms were taken, Pat and I were given the pleasure of booking into the awesome penthouse apartment (which was great because I was super sick at the time and needed to be far away from other people or else my coughing would have kept them awake, too). The apartment was sweet — perfect for a couple or family that wants a little more space in a safe and comfortable environment.

rodem compilation

A view of the nice, nice, nice upper level apartment.

One will find, much like we did in the first couple hours of being there, that the predominant amount of travelers staying at Rodem will be Korean businessmen (I know, a little strange, but the owner is Korean and has contacts there), but there are dorm rooms that get the occasional European traveler. Hey, it’s Bishkek… you can’t expect the hostels to be full all the time!

rodem house work station

Pat and Brooke working away in our upper level apartment.

Still, for hostels, and hostels in Kyrgyzstan, this one is immaculately clean and fairly comfortable. The dorm room has a couch in it, and there is also a seating area outside for the hostel goers to hang out in when the weather is nice. The dining area is large with plenty of seating and a television with plenty of channels… oh, and my all-time favorite set of window blinds EVER.

rodem house blinds

These window blinds are super cool.

For those that thought the hostel breakfast was dead, get your bum out of bed between 8 and 9 am for this:

rode house breakfast

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Thank goodness a hostel still gets it.

Now to be honest about the place, I must admit a dorm bed is not the cheapest. In fact, coming in at $25, you could get a bed in Sydney sometimes for cheaper than what a bed in an 8 bed dorm costs at Rodem. But, with limited options for the backpacker in this Central Asian country, you have to look at the positives: cleanliness, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, right around the corner from Chuy Prospect (one of the main roads in the city), and English speaking workers.

If you’re heading to Bishkek, you can book a stay at Rodem House on Hostelworld.

*My stay was provided by Rodem House in conjunction with Hostelworld, but all words in the review are my own.


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  1. Renate February 1, 2013 at 9:57 am #

    Sounds like a very interesting place!

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