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Day 164: The Latest American TV Craze

Day 164: My Latest American Craze... Pirate's Booty

Day 164: My Latest American Craze... Pirate's Booty

Some years back, television in America was overcome with shows incorporating home design and makeovers. After that, house flipping was a big thing. It was constantly one show after another on different channels taking the concept as their own — and for good reason. People loved them.

Well, this trip home has brought Pat and I to these simple facts: 1) Australian TV has nothing on American TV; 2) America will make a TV show about anything; 3) the new craze in American TV revolves around auctions and pawning, at least as gathered from the days Pat and I spent indulging in some cable TV fun.

There are shows like Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Storage Wars and American Pickers all showing how to make money from antique, old and unwanted stuff. It’s captivating, and now after enjoying the shows while chilling back in Peoria, we are wanting to do a little auction hunting ourselves. Will we? Mmm… I don’t know.

I guess these shows are so interesting because people that watch them think about how they could do it themselves. And, in that way, it’s kind of like long-term travel: you can dream about it all you want, but you’ll never get anywhere until you actually get off your butt and do it.


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  1. bethany June 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    This is hysterical and oh so true! My mother loves the flipping shows and my father loves the storage wars. I love the storage ones too and of course I always think ” I could do that!”. It’s funny too the big one usually takes place in Riverside County which is right next to San Diego but if I do it now I know there will be too many people. hahaha… In my mind though, it’s more exciting to watch about risk and opportunity than it is to watch shows about dead people, reality tv or crappy sitcoms…

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