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Day 85: Life is Easier on the Train

Day 85: Off the Train, Wandering Perth

Day 85: Off the Train, Wandering Perth

I got off the train today. After a 65 hour journey from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, I picked up my cute little piece of luggage and waved bye to my little train manager and headed on my way into the unknown land of Perth. The whole process of getting to where I was going wasn’t a difficult one in the least, but the fact that I had been living a life on a train for 3 days prior sort of made me realize how simple train life is.

Even now, as I write this from the Perth YHA (awesome by the way), I miss that forward motion I was talking about in yesterday’s post. Sure, I can sit here and stare out the window for hours, but without that forward motion and changing landscape, I just don’t have the same sort of pep in my step. Everything at a constant stop is more boring.

brooke on train

Everything that has to be done is more challenging.

Take finding food, for example. On the train, I only had to head to the food carriage and order up something quick, like a toasted sandwich or a little bottle of wine. I wasn’t forced to walk all around town looking for a silly burger joint that I ended not finding and then gave up because my ankles were killing me (still from my last month’s running kick – this is not good). Finding food is hard; having too many options is also hard.

Choosing what to do on the train pretty much revolved around the options of staring out the window, reading, writing, eating, drinking, sleeping or chatting. The options could vary by hanging out in my cabin or in the Red Gum Lounge. There were plenty of options to keep me busy, but not too many to overwhelm.

stare out the window

When I dropped my luggage off at the hostel this morning in Perth, I was at a loss. There were 1001 things I knew I wanted to check out, but I couldn’t make a decision as to what I should do and when. Life on the outside, as I like to refer to life not on the train, comes with too many options.

swan bell tower in hot sunlight

And where is my temperature controlled cabin? Perth is a pretty city with lush foliage in the gardens and parks, but that heat (34C) can make a girl that wants to walk around melt. I want the cool cabin and warm sunshine streaming through my window back. Is that too much to ask?

I think I’m having train withdrawal. Maybe my brewery tour in the Swan Valley on Sunday will help alleviate some of the symptoms.


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3 Responses to Day 85: Life is Easier on the Train

  1. Teegan March 30, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    Wow if I ever head to Perth I will seriously consider the train, some of those pictures through the window look amazing. Also I’m a bit excited about my European train trips in June/July after having read this!

  2. Bethany March 30, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    I know there is something really awesome about train travel. It just never gets old. It’s a great place to sit and think. I love riding on trains as well and always miss them when I get off.


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