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Day 211: Making the Most of the Sydney Weather


While the majority of the USA has been sweltering in hotter than hot weather, I’ve been freezing in the land Down Under. And, that makes even less sense since it really doesn’t get to freezing temperatures! I know, it’s strange, and probably just all relative. I’ve been sitting in front of a space heater for the past few weeks until this weekend when PERFECT weather graced the Sydney shores.

On Saturday, Pat and I went for a drive.

The skies were the most perfect blues.

We stopped off at our favorite cafe for a coffee.

Then, in true thrifty fashion, we went to garage sales. Saturdays rock.


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One Response to Day 211: Making the Most of the Sydney Weather

  1. Rebecca August 3, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    It’s definitely all relative. Yes, rain does suck, but at least it’s not snow! (from what I hear, I’ve never actually lived in a place were snow is expected). But the insulation in both Australia and NZ sucks pretty bad, making it worse then it really has to be.

    And those pictures look like a typical Australia (and Los Angeles!) winter:-).

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