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Day 254: Searching for Malaysian Food in an Indian Restaurant


brooke at kammadhenu

Day 254: Late Sunday Dinner at Kammadhenu

Like with many cultures, Malaysian food is a melting pot of influences. There is straight up Malaysian food, Chinese Malaysian food (that which my boyfriend says is the best, but he’s biased coming from Chinese Malay heritage) and Indian Malaysian food.

As a Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador, I have been given a list of Malaysian restaurants around the Sydney area to partake in a meal and then share it with the world. Last night’s adventures, however, brought us to a restaurant where Pat and I were literally searching the menu for the Malaysian dishes as it seemed the restaurant itself was primarily Indian focused.

At first, I turned to Pat and said that this meal could potentially be a flop, but on further discussion it just seemed suiting to be at a restaurant of Indian Malaysian cuisine. We did, in fact, eat plenty of Indian food while in Malaysia earlier this year as there are simply large numbers of Indian people who have made Malaysia their home.

So, we ordered up what we thought were to be the more Malaysian dishes from Kammadhenu in Neutral Bay and cleared our minds of preconceived expectations.

The funny part of it all was the fact that a few things seemed better to both of us than previous Malaysia Kitchen outtings. The roti, for example, was nothing like the roti one would get at Mamak, but Pat actually said it reminded him MORE of the kinds of roti he got back on the streets in Malaysia. We ordered up some cheese-filled roti, along with a cheese, egg and onion filled roti for starters.

cheese egg onion roti

We served it up with an iced tea, presented with frothy condensed milk goodness.

kam iced teh

Then came the mains, one of which was the beef rendang that I ordered in order to compare to other beef rendangs around the block. This rendang was special, and if I had to put a word to it, I would definitely call it more of an Indian curry – and that’s never bad. One thing was for sure: It was a far cry from the slow-cooked beef rendang over at Jackie M’s! Two very different dishes to be exact.

kammadhenu beef rendang

The Beef Rendang

For dessert, Pat and I ordered the wild rice pudding. We weren’t sure if it was the same type of dessert we got at the first Malaysia Kitchen dinner, but it turns out it was quite similar. This sticky black rice dish is submerged in a pudding (one that almost tastes of a slightly red bean flavor) and then topped with a bit of coconut milk. I like this dish because it is both a little savory yet the sweetness is hidden in the background at a comfortable level. I’ve already mentioned before how the Malaysians like sweet things, so it is a nice surprise to have that sweet a whole lot milder.

wild rice pudding

The Wild Rice Pudding

If thinking about dining at Kammadhenu in Neutral Bay, I highly suggest expecting an Indian dinner instead of one involving Malaysian dishes.


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2 Responses to Day 254: Searching for Malaysian Food in an Indian Restaurant

  1. thelaksablog September 15, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    They don’t have laksa… but they do have a pretty long list of dosai and roti’s (Malaysian or Indian style).

    • Brooke September 20, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

      I like Mamak roti better 🙂

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