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Day 218: Eating Malaysian at Mamak, a Roti Lover’s Dream

Day 218:  Eating at Mamak

Day 218: Eating at Mamak

My first real introduction with Malaysian food in Sydney occurred at Mamak a while back, and it has become a place I love to hit up for some reliable and tasty Malaysian to this day.

As part of the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador program, Pat and I hit up Mamak last night before going out on the town. I think for anyone new to the whole Malaysian food thing, Mamak is a great introductory restaurant with a small (non-overwhelming) menu and awesome, awesome roti.

Seriously, you could base your entire meal off roti, but we’ll get to that soon!

Waiting Outside Mamak

There are two locations for Mamak, one down by Darling Harbour and Chinatown in Sydney and one in Chatswood, a popular North Shore suburb. Both locations will always have a line out front, but it is while waiting in that line that you can get a better appreciation for what they specialize in: roti.

Mamak roti worker.

Mamak employee preparing roti.

In Malaysian, roti simply means “bread”, so it can be served up a hundred and one ways, really, but here… all the ways they serve are FANTASTIC.

Roti at Mamak stretched to perfection

Roti at Mamak stretched to perfection.

Pat and I usually always get the roti canai, which is the roti bread (flakey and buttery) served up with a couple of curry dipping sauces. This time, however, we decided to order up the chicken murtabak — a chicken, onion, cabbage and egg filled roti — and hold off on other roti until dessert (so worth it!).

chicken murtabak

Chicken murtabak with dipping sauces.

The murtabak was not bad at all. The cabbage flavor was more prominent than I would have thought, and I was subconsciously comparing it to the spicy breakfast murtabak I received in Malacca that was beyond amazing. Still, it’s a great dish when paired with curry sauces. I’m drooling just thinking about it right now.

We washed our meal down with a couple of Malaysian drinks – ice tea with lemon juice and a iced white coffee, both of which are sweetened.

Malaysian Drinks

Malaysian Drinks

In addition to the murtabak, we indulged in some chicken mi goreng and some veggie curry. Pat made to sure to order himself a piece of fried chicken, which I must say is quite delicious.

Mamak Mi Goreng

Mamak Mi Goreng

veggie curry

Veggie Curry

Malaysian fried chicken

Malaysian fried chicken.

The star of the show, however, would still have to be the roti. I cannot go a Malaysian meal without some sort of roti, and we saved ourselves for dessert where we ordered the roti tisu and the roti kaya.

Sweet, sweet dessert roti…

mamak roti tisu

The roti tisu with vanilla ice cream.

mamak roti kaya

The roti kaya with vanilla ice cream.

The cone is the roti tisu, and it is a paper thin, crisp roti that is rolled in sugar and butter. It is fabulous because of the sweet and savory aspect. The other one we ordered was a flat roti that was stuffed with coconut pandan paste. Both are served with vanilla ice cream and should be shared and devoured. Being just two people, we tried our best!

If you like roti, or want to try it for the first time, I highly recommend Mamak!


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  1. Bethany August 14, 2011 at 4:33 am #

    I never thought about eating Malaysia food before but it looks so tasty!! What is this Malaysian Kitchen Ambassador deal you speak of? Sounds awesome!


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