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Day 93: Menorca – Mallorca’s Lesser Known Little Sibling


You can’t spend a month somewhere, especially on a tiny little island, without storing away a piece of it in your heart forever.

In October of 2007, I spent an entire month on the island of Menorca taking part in an archaeological dig. It was awesome because of all the archeology skills I learned, as well as the sheer coolness factor seeing how it touched on the times of the Roman Empire – my all-time favorite historical era (besides those involving dinosaurs). It was also awesome because of how much I learned about this tiny little gem of an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The problem came whenever I explained to people that I was in Menorca, and they immediately would say, “Oh, Mallorca, right.”

Not right. Mallorca is probably the exact opposite of Menorca, being a well-defined holiday location in Europe with parties and clubs galore. Menorca would be better defined as Mallorca’s lesser-known little sibling – the one that has been pushed aside into the shadows of Mallorca to only be noticed when people like me go out of their way to showcase this getaway to the world. So, world, here is why you should consider Menorca holidays in your future travels:

Menorca is a true getaway.

I love going to places that are more laid-back and less touristy than others. I love it when places appear less developed. Menorca can give you that. Just driving from Mahon to Ciutadella will showcase some of the rolling scenery that has been left untouched. Although the summers here do pull in the tourists, overall, it is nothing quite like that found in Mallorca, meaning you can often find yourself having beaches to yourself.

Menorca has natural beauty.

To prove the point, I could simply state that Menorca is a Mediterranean island; beauty is a building block of the area. But there’s more to it than that in Menorca. There are rolling hills on green shrubbery, sands in places the color of maroon and yellow, fresh beaches, towns that look like they belong in Greece and the serenity that comes with places with plenty of nature left intact.

Menorca is good for lighthouse lovers.

One of the unique features of this island is the set of lighthouses that are scattered around all sides. All seven are unique and getting to all of them can be done in just one day if you rent a car.

Menorca is good for history lovers.

There is a rich history on this island as it bore great important to supplies being shipped in the Mediterranean during the Roman era. At this time, the island was also inhabited by the Taliotic people, who were then forced to join with the Romans in order to fight off invading enemies. There’s a reason why the Taliotic people complied. You can learn all about this history in the Mahon Museum, and you can even wander around and visit Taliotic sites across the island.

Menorca, even though it is lesser known to the big world, it is a place that I will always feel close to.


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2 Responses to Day 93: Menorca – Mallorca’s Lesser Known Little Sibling

  1. Luna April 5, 2011 at 5:39 am #

    loooove this! I studied anthropology pretty extensively in college, and with that comes a lot of archaeology. What a dream mix, to combine the two! So glad you posted this!

    • Brooke April 10, 2011 at 11:37 am #

      There are options like this all over the world. I was actually supposed to do one in Georgia (the country) back in ’08 but then there was that war…

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