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Day 160: How We Got Our Awesome Multi-Stop USA Itinerary Plane Tickets

Day 160:  Thumbs Up to Cheap Tickets

Day 160: Thumbs Up to Cheap Tickets

You may have noticed if you follow along that Pat and I have been bouncing around the U.S. of A. In fact, even after the day of the year this post was supposed to happen on, we have since hit Vegas and ventured back to Australia. This has been the most epic US trip I could have imagined in 3 weeks, and a good multi-stop ticket was how it was made possible.

Many people in my family have been asking how I got the ticket, and at such a good price, so I’d thought I’d share with the lovely readers on this blog just in case you weren’t aware as well.

Here’s the ticket we got:

May 28th, leave Sydney
May 28th, arrive Los Angeles

May 30th, leave Los Angeles
May 30th, arrive San Francisco

June 1st, leave San Francisco
June 1st, arrive Chicago (connection in Phoenix)

(June 4th, took bus down to Peoria, $37 extra)

June 14th, leave Peoria
June 14th, arrive Las Vegas (connection in Chicago)

June 17th, leave Las Vegas
June 19th, arrive Sydney (connection in San Francisco)

Total price per ticket: $1651

If you’re saying, “Wow!”, then I’d totally agree with you. Flights from Sydney are never on the cheap side, and to get all these other little bits in between was icing on the cake. How did I do it?

I first searched for simple return fares to Chicago from Sydney and those ranged from $1200 – 1300 alone with a connection in either LAX or SFO. At that point, I knew I could get a stopover in one of those 2 cities for little or no extra charge.

I pulled up the multi-city ticket options in both Kayak and Orbitz and played around with dates and other connections in the middle until I was satisfied with the price and itinerary. For our itinerary, Orbitz was offering a slightly lower rate.

Then, I booked. Simple, simple, hey?

By looking at the above, I could have possibly gotten us another stopover in Phoenix for not much more, but we were lacking time to make it worthwhile.

Am I happy with the ticket? YES, very much so. Instead of a simple round-trip ticket, I was able to get us many more stops for around $350 more. When you’re already shelling out more than a thousand dollars for a single flight, putting together a multi-stop itinerary could be the way to get the most for your money, which — of course — I’m all about doing!


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6 Responses to Day 160: How We Got Our Awesome Multi-Stop USA Itinerary Plane Tickets

  1. bethany June 23, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Wow! Awesome Brooke! Yeah, going from Oz to the US alone can be pricey – you got a killer deal! Good for you. I think I might have to hire you for finding flights. I HATE looking for them. It always takes me eons to find a good one.

    • Brooke June 24, 2011 at 7:45 am #

      Yeah I know! I’m so happy we were able to work in all those other places. It makes me feel much better about shelling out all the dough 🙂

  2. Nicole June 26, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    Hi Brooke,

    Thanks for this post! I am hoping to possibly visit New Zealand after I am finished traveling/living in Australia in January/February & I also have friends & family in San Francisco whom I would like to visit before heading home to Buffalo, NY, so I am planning to look into a multi-stop ticket to see how feasible it is for my situation. Thanks for the tips!


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