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Day 77: Some of My Favorite Types of Holidays

Day 77: Raining in Sydney; Need a Holiday

Day 77: Raining in Sydney; Need a Holiday

Long or short, a holiday is a holiday, right? Well, yes and no. A holiday’s basic definition (to me) would be the escape from normal life, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a relaxing and do nothing sort of ordeal. A holiday means different things to different types of travelers; it’s the reason that some people feel that long-term travelers are all slackers (psh).

Holidays vary by traveler and styles. Here are some of my favorite types of holidays:

Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are what I would consider lounging around doing nothing, perhaps at the beach, perhaps in a hammock in the shade. If I were on a beach holiday, I would make sure a frosty cocktail is close by, a book is on the side table and agendas are a figment of imagination.

Party Holidays

Party holidays might be what I took when in the Baltic countries in 2008. We… drank… a… lot. The hostels were full of individuals looking to have a good time almost every night of the week. While these are fun and I enjoy them, they just can’t happen all the time because… well… I might die.

Budget Holidays

Budget holidays are like one big present or one big challenge; both are fun in my mind. The present kind are brought about when you find a good deal on flights or an entire package. At that point, you are enjoying a holiday at budget prices. When they’re a challenge, however, you have to be creative and focused in order to keep costs down and stay within your budget, which could be very small. It would be like camping through Europe instead of choosing hostels and hotels, or it could be like choosing to Wwoof instead of following the backpacker trail.

Adventure Holidays

Skydiving, scuba diving, abseiling, canyoning, surfing and such would all be activities to take part in for adventure holidays. I’m not really an adventure holidays type of person – I don’t think I would ever go skydiving or bungy jumping – but I’m down for a little abseiling and scuba diving… and definitely down for anything involving rollercoasters. Oh. Yeah.

Service Holidays

Service holidays or volunteer holidays are something I haven’t yet had the chance to do, but it is on the list. I’m not sure yet if it will be something where I’m building a house of helping in an orphanage, but anything of the like will be rewarding. I’ll be looking to Kirsty of Nerdy Nomad for inspiration when the time comes.

Learning Holidays

Learning holidays are where you go abroad, or to another part of your home country, to do something educational, such as learning a foreign language. I’ve already talked about the joys of language study abroad on many occasions, but it doesn’t stop there. Remember the month I spent in Spain taking part in an archaeological dig?

Working Holidays

Ah, the working holiday. They’re kind of like working at home, but with new surrounds and the chance to get a first-hand account of another culture. I’ve done the whole working holiday in Australia thing, but there’s also the popular option of teaching English abroad to fit into this type of holiday.

Nature Holidays

Nature holidays are what I would consider camping and hiking types of getaways. I like the idea of these holidays, but usually, I’m not very good at them. Roughing it, getting close to bugs and having to pee in the bushes is not really fun, but I have come to realize that the other bits of a nature holiday can quickly overshadow these difficulties. South Africa holidays, or Africa holidays in general, would be one example of where I would try my hardest to be outdoorsy and overcome my fears.

Now that we’ve covered all the types of holidays I would or do enjoy, we can now cover holidays I would not enjoy:

Snow Holidays

Unless I am a kid and excited that I get to stay home from school, a snow holiday is not my cup of tea. I think I could go along on a ski trip and maybe hang out in the cabin with a mulled wine or two, but to be out in it… nah. However, there are some things I wouldn’t mind doing in winter because I feel like that would be a really authentic way to experience the culture, such as taking the Trans-Siberian train in January.

Actually, that’s about all I can think about at the moment. What kind of holidays are your favorite, and what kinds make up your travels?


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2 Responses to Day 77: Some of My Favorite Types of Holidays

  1. Bethany March 21, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    Great post Brooke! Really cute! I smiled when I read the description for budget holidays because that’s exactly what we did – camped in europe and wwoofed. hahaha… 🙂 Can’t wait to do it again!

  2. Tijmen March 23, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    My holidays so far are a combination or working holidays and nature. I spend almost a year in NZ and really loved the hiking trails over there. And last summer It was just 2 weeks of hiking and cycling in Sweden. I never tried the beach holiday thing, I think I will get bored after like 2 days or so 🙂 Hopefully I do the learning holidays at some point in the near future, I have been planning on learning Spanish for ages, and I would prefer to do that somewhere in South America.

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