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Peaks And Valleys — Oahu’s Best Hiking Trails


Impressive as they are when you’re face to face with them, Oahu’s beaches take on another level of beauty when viewed from an elevated vantage point. The blue of the water shimmers with an indescribable clarity as the white sands of the beaches shrink to a size that you can fit in your pocket — this is paradise.

manoa falls trail

Manoa Falls Trail (photo by thegirlsny)

While Hawaii hotels offer you the opportunity for unmitigated comfort and luxury, a good hike complements your trip in a different way: it affords a type of satisfaction and reward that only conquering an Island volcano trail can provide — a once-in-a-lifetime, seemingly omniscient look at one of nature’s great miracles, complete with a bit of sweat and dirt.

Time is always of the essence on vacation, and when you’re surrounded by a tremendous myriad of trails of varying difficulties, picking the proper excursion may feel impossible. We’ve rounded up a few of Oahu’s best jaunts for you or your traveling group to take; we’re confident that the views from the top will burn themselves into your memories!

Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail For A Good Workout

Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail

Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail (photo by cogdog)

This slightly inland trail towards the south of the Island is a strenuous but certainly manageable trip to the top of Kuli’ou’ou Ridge. For those who are looking for a workout after a day of lounging at the beach, this trek is a favorite of local runners, as well. However you choose to ascend, after the 6 miles to the peak of the ridge, you’ll be greeted by astonishing views of the Pacific and the eastern neighborhood of Kailua.

Stay Close to the Hotel with the Diamond Head Hike

diamond head hike

Diamond Head Hike (Photo by danramarch)

If you’re hoping for a nice, leisurely stroll away from the Hawaii Volcano House in order to take in the beauty of a Hawaii sunset, the hike up the face of the beautiful Diamond Head Crater is your ticket to glory. This hike clocks in at just under an hour, but the short duration doesn’t make the views from the top any less breathtaking. Make sure to bring your cameras, as the setting sun and the lights of Honolulu combine to form the perfect backdrop.

A Refreshing Dip On The Maunawili Falls Trail

Maunawili Falls Trail

Maunawili Falls Trail leads to the waterfall (photo by SamElias77)

You’ve seen them in movies–the remote waterfalls with a beautiful pool below stuck right in the middle of lush jungles. On this Oahu favorite, you’ll be able to experience the ultimate payout in the form of an extremely refreshing dip beneath Maunawili Falls. The hike there is nothing to scoff at either; you’ll come upon terrific views of Kailua during this trek of intermediate difficulty. Depending on the season, the trail may be a bit rainy, so make sure you come prepared with some shoes that can withstand some slipping and sliding. And should you decide to take the risk and climb up the falls to reach the jumping point, make sure you exercise extreme caution as well!

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