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Oahu’s Finest Eats


The food you eat on any trip will often make a lasting impression on the trip as a whole. And, if you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, you had better get a good grasp on what you’re getting yourself into. If I had the authority, which of course I don’t, I’d probably deem Hawaii the culinary capital of the states. With their major exports being some of our most coveted food staples, the mainland would be a sadder place without Hawaii. From mouthwatering tropical fruits and exotic nuts, to pure Kona coffee and all the way down to the ocean floor for the freshest catch of the day, Hawaii has got it all.

Hawaii Farmers Market

Hawaii Farmers Market

So, before you go askin’ around for Mahi Mahi or Loco Moco, take some tips from us expert foodies on the hot spots to go in Oahu for the islands finest dining. From the local food trucks, to the island’s world-renowned chefs, each of these places, foods and people deserve adequate attention and reverence for their contribution to the diverse cuisine in Hawaii. With such a historically rich combination of cultures it’s no wonder the food Hawaii has to offer is such an exquisite blend of flavors. From fresh raw fish to fried shrimp, your mouth will keep you coming back to this island for more.

Comfort food is a good place to start when dining in Oahu. Don’t trouble yourself by trying to find the perfect spot for this hot-ticket item. Start off by eating like a local and filling up your belly with a Plate Lunch, one of Hawaii’s traditional feasts. The plate consists of a couple scoops of rice, macaroni salad, and your choice of meat (anything from Korean BBQ to chicken katsu). There are tons of spots, mostly locally owned, that will offer this Hawaiian delicacy for you and your family to chow down on.

Now, if we want to take it a step up, you’ll want to get in on Oahu’s celebrity chef dinners. For these guys you’ll want to make an early reservation, as they are all extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. My first recommendation is chef Masaharu Morimoto’s restaurant at The Modern Honolulu. If you know anything about food culture these days, you’ll know that Morimoto is the star of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America and is critically acclaimed for his fusion of Japanese and Western ingredients. The restaurant even offers a list of Morimoto’s handcrafted beers and sakes for your enjoyment. If you’ve got the palate for it, this is one of the best places in town.

As a last delicious offering for your mouth, which should be watering by now, we recommend Oahu’s finest food trucks. Not just any food trucks folks, but their magic culinary vessels serving shrimp, shrimp, shrimp! Giovanni’s Original White Shrimp truck has got the reputation and the shrimp scampi to back it up. This is a great local choice that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for a relaxing day on the beach!

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