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Day 68: Packing For New Adventures

Day 68: Wining, not whining.

Day 68: Wining, not whining.

A good 1.5 years have passed since I first moved in to my apartment in the North Shore Sydney suburb of Killara. When that first happened, I didn’t really know what I was doing, where I was going, how long I’d be there. The main reason I moved to this part of the city was because Pat and all his friends were living up here and I was tired of commuting a good hour plus just to see him and vice versa. And it was nice to get a place that was seemingly gigantic for the same amount of money you’d pay in the city.

While looking for places, though, I spent a good 3-4 weeks up at Pat’s parents’ house. They seemed quite welcoming and were happy to offer me what they could, but something became quite apparent to me: I needed my own space.

It was awkward for me there since I was still quite new in the group. A large part of my teen years were spent living in a house that allowed for as much quiet and alone time as needed, and this was the opposite.

So, I found a large 2-bedroom apartment in Killara…

apartment decorright across the road from the Greengate (our favorite Trivia place) and moved in. Not long after, I found a flatmate fill the second bedroom, and Pat even decided to move in as well. While one would still consider my apartment a minimalist endeavor, we have somehow acquired plenty of “things” like a bed, a fairly large TV, dishes, a portable washing machine and so on; nothing that is conducive to heading out and traveling the world, but still things that make a home livable until you are able to do so.

And, now, we are. We’re doing a little bit of traveling to Malaysia and the USA, and one thing became quite apparent to me: I need more money.

Between Pat and I…

rent for our part of the apartment runs nearly $1000 per month plus Internet and utilities, and since we won’t be in the apartment for a large chunk of both May and June, that’s hardcore money down the drain. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to not renew the lease and simply… move back in with his parents.

As of now, I’m jumping for joy because the money we’ll be saving on rent will cover a large portion of the travel expenses abroad. I am not whining one bit about the close proximity to his parents and brother. Plus, I just really, really, really like the idea of not being tied down and in a contract.

We were nervous about the process, but we officially broke the news to our flatmate the other night. Pat took it upon himself to swoop in out of nowhere and blurt it out; I guess he was just ready to get it off his chest, but all went well and now I can officially start packing up all this “stuff”.


Sunset from our balcony.

Packing… I love it.

I love the feeling of freedom and change. I love removing the unnecessary from my life. Although we may not be packing up to hit the road for a year, I think Pat is going to have a different feeling about it when this all goes down. Remember when I was going on and on about how different we are during my 10 before 30 plan rants? Let’s just say he is becoming increasingly more open to the idea of taking some time to live abroad — to the point where we talk about money going into the bank for when we’re living in Thailand or yak racing in Mongolia.

Who knows how serious Pat is about this all right now — maybe he is just saying it to make me happy (it’s working). Still I like to think we are packing for new adventures beyond the trips to Malaysia and America — ones that can only come about by making big life decisions such as giving up your apartment or quitting your job. I may be dreaming 😉


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3 Responses to Day 68: Packing For New Adventures

  1. Annie March 10, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    Very exciting Brooke! I hate packing as a general thing but completely understand why you are loving it! I imagine when we plan another big trip (longer than 1 week) I’ll be pretty excited too!

    Good luck with all the moving technicalities!

  2. Laura March 11, 2011 at 3:39 am #

    Isn’t it going to be so nice to be free of lease? Congrats on the new travel plans!

  3. joshywashington March 11, 2011 at 4:16 am #

    The anticipation is wonderful isn’t it? However, the view from your balcony also makes a compelling argument!

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