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Day 167: Let Me Tell You About the Paris Buffet

Day 167:  Enjoying Desserts at Paris Buffet

Day 167: Enjoying Desserts at Paris Buffet

Vegas. It’s a place to indulge. A place to put just a little bit more money on red, have another yard-length margarita and put yet another bite in your mouth.

We’re going to talk about the last point.

Vegas has more buffet restaurants than you can count. Buffets. Mile-long buffets (it seems). You will be overwhelmed in Vegas just trying to choose which buffet to eat at.

Pat and I stayed at the Excalibur as we got the room for cheap, and not like $50 a night cheap but more like $35 a night cheap. Yep, our room in Vegas only ran us $114 for the 3 nights we stayed!

Being at the Excalibur, we decided to try out the Roundtable Buffet located within for our first Vegas meal. It was rather large, so we liked the variety, but we did leave quite a bit of food on our plates because it just wasn’t that tasty. Still, we were pleased with how full we got, which is a good sign in the end.

brooke at roundtable buffet excalibur hotel vegas

Enjoying the Roundtable Buffet

The next day we decided to venture out of our comfort zone of the giant Excalibur hotel and take the recommendation of Craig Makepeace of yTravelblog to enjoy the Paris Buffet. He mentioned something about pastries in his Facebook comment, and who am I to turn down buffets with delicious pastries?

paris hotel vegas

Just on entering the Paris hotel, we felt a sense of being somewhere else. It was brighter inside than most other dark, dungeon-like casinos, which probably had something to do with the blue faux sky painting on the ceiling.

paris hotel signs

We walked on cobblestone streets (indoors) past cafes and pastry shops until we made it to the Paris Buffet where we were greeted by workers in French-inspired garb.

paris buffet las vegas

After being seated in a French-style courtyard, our waitress (of sorts) brought us a pot of coffee and other beverages to the table and then set us free to the food Heaven that awaited us.

Cassoulet. Fresh crepes. Blue cheese pasta. Prime rib roast. Green beans almondine.

It was easily a couple of notches higher than the Roundtable Buffet, and we hadn’t even tried the food yet.

Duck a l’Orange. Roast turkey. Stuffed pasta shells. Fresh bread rolls.

There were chefs working to prepare the food right in front of you. It was fantastic. The crepe chef was even racking up a pile of tips!

What made this better was the fact that the food tasted good as well. Unlike the Roundtable Buffet, we didn’t leave much of anything on our plates.

And, when you think you can’t take it anymore, there’s the dessert area to peruse.

Cakes. Cookies. Creme brulee. Ice cream.

Pat and I split one of everything, and then returned the next day for more.

paris buffet las vegas brooke day 2

Brooke at Paris Buffet, 2nd Time

You can read more about dining at Paris Las Vegas on WhyGo Las Vegas >>


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4 Responses to Day 167: Let Me Tell You About the Paris Buffet

  1. Fred June 28, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    I can also vouch for the buffet at Paris, although I only had their breakfast buffet, which would be hard to screw up.

    My #1 Vegas buffet recommendation is at the Wynn. If you time it right, you can have breakfast food with mimosas, then prime rib and crab legs when they bring out the lunch/dinner food. Plus, dessert, of course. Unfortunately, it costs $40. But, c’mon, it’s Vegas!

  2. Michelle June 28, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    The Paris buffet is very good. One trick I like to do is arrive near the end of breakfast, do a walk through for that meal and then while I’m eating, they switch over to the higher price lunch buffet. But because I’ve already paid to be there, I can eat the lunch stuff, too.

  3. Craig June 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    Ha ha…glad you loved it. The food is AMAZING for the price 🙂


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